Top Five NFL Fantasy Players Through Week Six

October 20, 2021

Is It Week Seven Already?

It seems like it was just five minutes ago that we were all doing mock drafts on our lunch breaks. Then you blink your eyes, and we are a third of the way through the NFL season. So much has happened to get us to this point, some great performances, tough injuries, wins, losses, and more. For me, fantasy football is much more than a game. It bonds you with the people you play with, but also allows you for just a brief second to root for a player on another team.

I have enjoyed the season so far and across my five teams (I know, never again) I have been able to see the true ups and downs a person can feel in a season. Every team has a player or two that can change the course of their season. Whether it is a major trade, a late-round draft pick, or a waiver pick-up, you need a player like this to win it all. with that being said, here are the top five most valuable fantasy football players through week six.

King Henry

There is no denying the absolute dominance that Derrick Henry displays each and every week. Pre-season rankings had him in the top three for non-PPR (Points Per Reception) leagues. Some PPR rankings had him lower than that! Derick Henry came into 2021 and stiff armed those rankings, trucked the the “experts” that had him lower than number one and proved that he is the best RB in football. Regardless of league scoring and format, Henry has been a beast.

Over the last five weeks, Henry has amassed 725 yards on the ground, an additional 199 yards through the air on 13 catches, and 10 TDs. He’s been able to defy traditional football rules, because he’s amazing, but also because of how the Titans utilize him. Doesn’t matter if they are dow double digits to the Jets, they are still going to feed him. If you were lucky enough to draft Derrick Henry this year, you drafted one of the MVPs through week six. No doubts on that.

Cooper Clutch

I remember going into the draft, looking at the rankings and seeing both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp sitting right next to each other in the rankings. Both players were in the 20-25 range on most sheets I saw. Until this year, that was the big question for LA receivers: who is going to get the most looks? Then Matthew Stafford comes in and says, “Everybody eats.” as he connects with Cooper Kupp nearly seven times per game.

Averaging more than a TD per game, Cooper Kupp has been a machine for the Rams and fantasy players alike. What compelled me to put him in this column is not just his performance, but the fact that he has been the steal of the draft in a lot of leagues. Especially in PPR formats. Currently, Kupp is #2 in receiving yards, tied for first in overall receptions (Hill & Adams), and first in TD catches. Kupp has been the best overall receiver and fantasy receiver in the league through the firs six weeks, and there is no denying that. Keep doing you, Cooper Kupp.

Mahomes Magic

I was debating on whether or not I wanted to include a QB in this list, but after looking at the numbers, I had to put Patrick Mahomes in here. Drafted as early as the first round in some leagues, the Kansas City Chiefs‘ QB has played up to his potential from a fantasy football perspective. The results on the field have been less consistent than what we are used to from Mahomes, but the fantasy numbers have been amazing. Despite his eight interceptions and one fumble, he is currently the number one fantasy QB.

Currently, he is on pace for 51 passing TDs, three rushing TDs, and 5,346 passing yards. He has had the highest floor of any QB in the top 10, he is completing 69% of his passes, and he gets roughly 30 yards per game on the ground. Mahomes is without a doubt the best QB in the game right now, and there is no arguing that. His performance so far has gained him the title of fantasy MVP.

Someone Say, “Contract Year”?

Talk about the steal of the draft, and that is if he was even drafted! Mike Williams of the Los Angeles Chargers has been everything we thought he would be four years ago. The big-bodied receiver has quickly emerged as Herberts favorite target in the redzone and in deep ball situations. The contract year always gives boost to a player or two each year to get them paid, this years is Williams’ turn.

Out of my five leagues, there was just one that he was drafted in. That means the two teams that I added him to were from the waiver wire! I know a lot of fantasy players have been just as lucky to grab his services. Williams has been spectacular, averaging nearly six catches per game, over 80 yards, and a TD. If you were able to grab a player like that in round 14-16. Or like I did, pick him up on waivers, you did your team a great service. I only wish I had this MVP in every league!

The Football Player

Much like guy you just read about, this one has been a steal of the year kind of player. The Atlanta Falcons revealed NOTHING about how they planned on using Cordarrelle Patterson. All signs were pointing to Mike Davis being the guy in Atlanta. Boy, were we wrong. Even with the week six bye the Falcons RB (Football Player) is top ten at the position.

Patterson has also been a TD machine, scoring five through the first six weeks. When he isn’t scoring TDs, he is putting up over 100 all-purpose yards and getting plenty of receptions. In their last game, Patterson received 21 touches. His seven catches and 14 carries solidified him as the number one back for the Dirty Birds. Don’t call this guy a running back, he is a football player, and he is darn good at it too. Congratulations if you sucked in week one, because you likely were able to grab Patterson, one of the fantasy football MVPs through week six.

Honorable Mentions: Austin Ekeler, Tyreek Hill, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, Lamar Jackson, Deebo Samuel, Hollywood Brown, Antonio Brown, Ja’Marr Chase, Najee Harris, DJ Moore, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, & CeeDee Lamb.