Top Picks For The Next Major Feud of Kenny Omega

AEW Champion and self-proclaimed “God of Pro-Wrestling” Kenny Omega seems to have finished up his long rivalry with Jon Moxley. After almost a year of brutal matches, the champion is on to the next thing. Meanwhile Mox works to rekindle his friendship with Eddie Kingston.

Kenny is currently in a triangular rivalry with the Good Brothers, the Young Bucks, and the Lucha Brother. They with intricate relationships and emotions. However, after this feud, Kenny will need to get back on defending the AEW title. He will continue to prove himself as the “Best Bout Machine” and put his reign as AEW champion in the history books. Therefore, we spent time looking at some future opponents for him. In the end, we picked our five favorite options for his next major singles feud.

Lance Archer vs Kenny Omega

The “Murder Hawk” got involved in the Moxley-Omega feud for a little while to help Mox even the odds after KENTA joined Kenny’s side. He destroyed the two stars with his brutal, powerhouse style. He got a good amount of momentum that he has lost since losing to Cody at the end of the tournament to crown the inaugural TNT Champion. Jake “The Snake” Roberts is taking a smaller and smaller role. Soon, Archer maybe looking at an opportunity at some company brass.

Archer’s brutality style heel work would match up beautifully with Kenny Omega’s conniving and cowardly heel work in a story. Archer hunts down Kenny, who hides and only engages Archer when he and his posse can get the drop on him. This can lead to a cage match, which would keep the Good Brothers out and give Archer the opportunity to be violent.

However, Omega is too smart for some steel to stop him. He manages to get weapons in the cage and brutalizes the brute. Meanwhile, his friends open up an opportunity for him to escape. (You could also align Moxley and Kingston with Archer. This could create a great visual by having them run to the cage right as Omega gets to the top of the cage. Make him choose between the angry brute with weapons or the violent and angry Mox and Kingston).

This feud could continue the violence that has followed Kenny Omega’s title run thus far. However, it may get some complaints from casual fans for being similar to the Mox feud on the surface. That being said, it maybe a great opportunity to showcase Omega’s great wrestling against larger wrestlers.

Rich Swann vs Kenny Omega

The current Impact World Champion, Rich Swann has been doing some amazing work since leaving the big dub. Making a name for himself in Impact Wrestling’s “X Division,” Swann is one of the most underrated and exciting wrestlers in the world.

Rich Swann and Kenny Omega are set to have a title versus title match next month at Impact Wrestling’s “Rebellion” Pay-Per-View. If you think that Omega is going to drop his AEW title at a non-AEW pay-per-view, you have another thing coming. More than likely, Omega is going to become dual champion. He will hold both the AEW and Impact world championships. He will likely use his relationship with Don Callis to guarantee this.

This should bring Impact wrestlers to AEW to try and get their title back. Sami Callihan, TJP, Eric Young, Brian Myers, Ace Austin, Moose (Motor City Machine Guns should be in the invasion angle, but only so they can tease a match with the Young Bucks or Death Triangle), and most importantly, Rich Swann, should come invade AEW to get after the evasive Impact World Champion.

Rich Swann should lead the charge, being the name to finally get an Impact World Title shot at the next AEW pay-per-view. He, of course, will win, but not until other members of the Impact roster help him do so. They will take out Callis and the Good Brothers, and give Kenny Omega some justice. This would also be an interesting and sensible way to end the Don Callis storyline.

Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega

Christian Cage has to do a ton of work to do before even sniffing a world title opportunity. His debut at Revolution was under-whelming and fairly divisive. He has gone almost a month without a wrestling his debut match, and any hype he may have had at Revolution is all gone. Sure, he will finally have his first match next Wednesday, but it is against Frank Kazarian, which is not a match fans are going to get behind. Christian Cage is months away from being in a position to challenge Omega, which conveniently would give Kenny Omega plenty of time to finish up his story with the Young Bucks. Not ideal, but not absurd.

If Cage wants to have a successful run in AEW, let alone feud with Kenny Omega, he has to drop the over-the-top serious persona. I think that in order to fix this, he should align himself as the mentor or the Best Friends. Trent should be back around April or May after a pectoral tear. That gives Christian time to build a storyline about joining the goofy trio of Chuck Taylor, Trent, and Orange Cassidy.

Just let everyone do what they do best. All the people in this feud have the capabilities to be so over the top and play it up to the camera and crowds (which should be back soon. Thanks Moderna!). The Best Friends could go up against the Good Brothers, playing up a competition of who has the better friendships. Christian and Kenny Omega could just riff and escalate their comedic tendencies. (Any time I imagine these two going after it on the sticks, I can only think of this scene from Community. This could simultaneously be the stupidest and funniest promo I will ever watch a few thousand times). Then there is Orange Cassidy, who could just exist and still manage to make the feud better.

It would be a huge catastrophe of a comedy and I think AEW could only benefit from it.

Longshot: Kota Ibushi

There are a thousand reasons why this should be the number one potential feud, but one glaring reason that it cannot be: the Forbidden Door.

Yes, the Forbidden Door is opening. AEW seems to be a large factor in helping open it up. New Japan has had involvement with the show. In fact KENTA actually wrestled a few matches in January. Maki Itoh and Ryo Mizunami have also come across the Pacific. Although they represent different promotions, they have shown how open American audiences are to eastern styles. New Japan is interested, and management is watching.

NJPW is very interesting. However, they are no where near ready to send their Heavyweight Champion across the sea.

NJPW’s Sakura Genesis is the fourth of April. Kota Ibushi is set to face off against Will Ospreay. If he drops the title, I imagine it is only a matter of time before the Golden Lovers reunite on AEW Dynamite. Ibushi and Kenny Omega have this brilliant chemistry as partners and friends. They could form a long term story that carries both of them through 2021 and even parts of 2022. I do not even have to try and book this story, because it books itself. After all it has booked itself multiple times in the past.

However, if he holds the title against Ospreay (most likely scenario because NJPW is never putting a high level title on Ospreay), there is one other NJPW wrestler who could hold attention until he does…

Another Longshot: Kazuchika Okada

The first pay-per-view with a full audience allowed, headlined by Okada-Omega V, with the AEW title on the line – This event would sell out in minutes, and I would pay an embarrassing and immeasurable amount of money to be one of the lucky few to see this in person.

Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada have wrestled four of the ten best wrestling matches of all time in NJPW. As odd as it seems, this rivalry more or less set off the domino effect that made AEW possible. Omega-Okada I at Wrestle Kingdom 11 was the “Six Star Match” that put millions new American eyes on NJPW than had been there before. This made Bullet Club popular. It also helped many find “Being The Elite” thus further building up the Elite (Just the Bucks and Omega at this point).

In order to appeal to their new American audience, NJPW brings in Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare, as a new member of Bullet Club. This unites the Elite and Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes uses his brilliant business mind and sway in the wrestling business to build the Elite’s brand. This helps turn the Elite into a house hold name. This draws Chris Jericho to NJPW for a match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. This connects him with the Elite. Jericho and Omega are the names that All Elite Wrestling are sold on. It created the brand we have today.

This whole thing is only possible because Omega and Okada have this unbelievable chemistry. They do not even have to tell a story at this point, because the entire story can seriously be “we have good matches” (see the story behind Omega-Okada 2 and 4). AEW could even be lazy and just re-do the Okada-Omega 4 story. Omega could brag that he has no one even worthy of stepping in the ring with him. Then the coin to drop, and Okada could come out and challenge him one last time.

Every week should just be clips of their previous bouts. Another option is people talking about how influential this series was on the formation of the company. They could also hype up Okada for an American audience. Sadly, NJPW does not do much in the summer after Sakura Genesis and the New Japan Cup. There is not many ways to expose the Japanese audiences to the feud, so honestly, this feud may need to wait till the fall, for the G1.

Tony Khan, if you are reading this, make it happen.

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