Top Ten Biggest Draft Busts In Titans/Oilers History

We are going over the top-ten worst players that the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans have drafted:

10. 1997, Round 2: Joey Kent | WR | Tennessee

Joey Kent was drafted in Round 2 of the 1997 NFL Draft, by the Houston Oilers. After having back-to-back seasons achieving over 1000 yards, he didn’t seem like he would be a draft bust, as many Oilers, fans were excited to have him on the team. But things didn’t work out for Kent, as he played 3 seasons as an Oiler/Titan, even with the great Steve “Air” McNair as his QB, he would only have 13 receptions for 160 yards. He then went into Free Agency, and never signed with an NFL team, leading him to retirement.

9. 2015, Round 1: Marcus Mariota | QB | Hawaii

Mariota was a great college QB for the Ducks, and only got better year by year, he got drafted 2nd overall behind Jameis Winston. It got all of Nashville excited, as they had a poor team play pretty much since Air McNair went to the Ravens. Mariota isn’t so much of a bust as he started decent, taking his team to the playoffs, with 3K passing yards, and the next season only got better for Marcus as he once again took his team to the NFL playoffs, with even better stats, he did the same thing the very next year.

2019 came around, everything looked bright to Mariota and the Titans, but Mariota didn’t seem the same. In six games, he only had 1,203 passing yards and seven TDs, and the Titans were 2-4, the offseason before TN traded a 4th RD Pick for Ryan Tannehill. The Titans started Tannehill over Marcus in Week seven, where the Titans went on to win 23-20 over the Chargers. Tannehill was named the new starter and took the Titans to the playoffs with a 9-7 record, and he even took them to the AFC Championship game! Mariota then signed with the Las Vegas Raiders as a backup. He may never be a starter again.

8. 2007, Round 2: Chris Henry | RB | Arizona

Chris was meant to be what Derrick Henry turned out to be, a 2,000-yard rusher, a future HOF player. But, he turned out the complete opposite, he was drafted in RD2 of the 2007 NFL draft, a pick Tennessee probably wants back, as Henry, not to be confused with Derrick Henry, only rushed for 122 yards, in 10 games in 3 years. He went to Seattle to back up Beast Mode, then retired 1 season after signing in Seattle.

7. 2013, Round 1: Chance Warmack | OG | Alabama

While Warmack was a starter on the right side for the Titans for three-plus seasons, he never produced the kind of value you’d expect out of a top-10 pick. He went to the Eagles for two years, only starting ten games. He was a free agent for a season, he retired from the NFL.

6. 2014, Round 2: Bishop Sankey | RB | Washington

Sankey showed some signs of being a good RB in his first few starts. He played two seasons, but was never an official starter; he was cut after his second season. The years the Tennessee Titans drafted one of the best RBs in the league currently, Derrick Henry. Sankey left the NFL as a free agent, never living up to expectations like most “busts”.

5. 2011, Round 1: Jake Locker | QB | Washington

Locker was an excitement being brought to Tennessee, like Mariota. Something that he didn’t bring was the talent that Mariota had, as he only had 500 yards in his rookie year, suffering an injury. He came back and still wasn’t doing good, in 11 games, he only had 2K passing yards, and he got injured once again. The future wasn’t looking bright for Locker, and obviously, it was not very good as he is on this list. He got injured both next seasons and announced his retirement from the NFL as he entered free agency.

4. 2012, Round 3: Mike Martin | DT | Michigan

Martin had only started in five games. He played 46 total. He only achieved four sacks in four seasons. He signed with the Eagles practice squad but was re-introduced to free agency and he retired, all of that happened in two months.

3. 2004, Round 2: Ben Troupe | TE | Florida

Ben Troupe, the worst TE on the Titans, pretty much ever, as he played four years in Tennessee. On his rookie contract, he only averaged 255 yards per season and played no less than 14 games per season. After his rookie contract expired, he signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs, who recently won a Super Bowl in 2021. He was nicknamed “Troupe Scadoop” by his Titans teammates. He retired after leaving the Bucs.

2. 2001, Round 3: Shad Meier | TE | Kansas St.

The only reason I put Shad lower than Ben but called Ben the worst, was because Shad could block a little bit, Ben sucked all around; Shad had worse stats, though. Shad played four seasons with the Titans, like most Titans “busts”, he only had 334 yards. He was cut and retired after two years of free agency.

1. 2020, Round 1: Isaiah Wilson | OL | Georgia

It is no argument that Wilson is the biggest Titans draft bust in history. He only had one snap he played in his rookie year, his only year as a Titan. He played one snap, and he got pushed over by a d-lineman! Seriously! Pushed over!

He tweeted in the off-season that he was “done being a Titan, for good” He got cut after that, many believe that he said that since the social media accounts didn’t wish him a happy birthday. He signed with the Dolphins, but he didn’t want help, which is what Miami tried to give him. He was cut by Miami and is currently a free agent.