Travis Kelce In 2021-22: Will He Break Records Or Cool Off?

Travis Kelce in 2020 was nothing short of amazing. Kelce broke the single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end with 1,416 yards. Kelce’s record-breaking season also became his fifth straight season with 1,000 plus yards receiving. His performance in 2020 also showed that he was putting up numbers that even wide receivers could not manage yet, and he was doing so at the tight end position. While it certainly helps that the guy throwing the ball is Patrick Mahomes, who can find any open receiver, Kelce managed to stretch the field beyond the normal outing for a tight end.

With the 2021 season just around the corner, the Chiefs made some serious moves both in the draft and free agency by revamping their entire offensive line. With a new offensive line giving Mahomes more time to throw, what does this mean for Mr. Kelce? Will he cool off with maybe less pressure to perform so highly, or will he continue his impressive streak of 1,000-yard seasons?

The way I see it, the Chiefs did not pick up offensive weapons that will take away from Kelce as far as how much production he could have. Kelce has proven for the last five seasons that even with weapons like Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman on the field, he is the main target. To reiterate, the Chiefs revamped their offensive line into what will more than likely be one of the best o-lines in football this upcoming season. Now that Mahomes will have more time to throw the ball and not run for his life, I see no reason why Kelce wouldn’t continue his streak of 1,000-yard seasons.

More time for Mahomes could allow the Chiefs to expand their playbook and draw up more routes for Kelce that could get him wide open versus him making contested catches in the middle of zone coverage. Overall, there is no negative in this situation going into the 2021 season for Kelce. Either he will continue to go off and continue to climb the ranks of all-time tight ends or he has a cool-off season with a new o-line allowing for more run plays and less pressure.

Essentially the Chiefs, who are already a very solid team all around, got better and will now be able to control games even further. With Travis Kelce being at the level he’s been for five seasons now, Chiefs fans can breathe easier because Mahomes is protected, allowing for many different options on offense, especially on Travis Kelce’s end. If I was Travis Kelce, I would continue to produce at a high level because again, there is no negative situation for the 2021 season and the Chiefs have presented Kelce, Mahomes, and the whole offense, a gift to become what may be the best offensive line in football this season.

As far as a final prediction for what I think Kelce will do in 2021, I think he will have another 1,000-yard season but it will be a quiet one as the Chiefs are going to have some freedom on offense behind their new o-line. A quiet 1,000-yard season is still a feat that most guys will never manage in their career, look for Kelce to be just as productive this season.

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