Trio’s/Six Man Tag Team Championships Are Coming To AEW

Trio’s/Six Man Tag Team Championships Are Coming To AEW

It’s no secret that AEW has an assortment of stables. The Elite, Death Triangle, The Inner Circle, Jurassic Express, Team Taz, etc.; AEW loves putting wrestlers together in groups. Due to AEW’s commitment to tag team wrestling, it makes perfect sense AEW would focus on six-man tag wrestling as well. Multi-man matches are more than just a gimmick. When done right, six-man tag team wrestling can be electric. Trios titles are necessary to give AEW factions more to sink their teeth into. Without trios titles, AEW factions remain redundant and pointless.

The Elite are no strangers to trios wrestling. The six-man titles in ROH and NJPW were defined by The Elite EVPs and Bullet Club. Since AEW began, the trios titles in both ROH and NJPW barely receive the attention they previously had. With Vince McMahon still intolerant of tag teams as well as anything involving continuity, having both duo tag straps, as well as trios titles, will help further the mission of tag team excellence.

AEW understands that the only thing more exciting than one wrestler facing another is a group of wrestlers fighting another stable. Faction warfare is an easy way to elevate multiple wrestlers’ stock at once. Team Taz is proof positive as the alliance has done wonders for Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Jurassic Express has been AEW’s next big trio for over a year now. Death Triangle was excellent for a month until the pandemic hit. Putting all these factions against one another is tantalizing, not to mention enticing, for wrestling fans. This is why six-man titles are necessary. It’s bragging rights for who is the best team on Dynamite. It will show there is a true purpose to forming a coalition in AEW than just the “numbers game”.


Inner Circle:

  • Chris Jericho
  • Jake Hager
  • Ortiz
  • Sammy Guevara
  • Santana


  • Dash Wheeler
  • Dax Harwood
  • MJF
  • Shawn Spears
  • Wardlow

The Elite:

  • Brandon Cutler
  • Kenny Omega
  • Matt Jackson
  • Michael Nakazawa
  • Nick Jackson
  • Gallows
  • Anderson

Dark Order:

  • Alan “5” Angels
  • Alex “3” Reynolds
  • Colt Cabana
  • Evil Uno
  • “Hangman” Adam Page
  • John “4” Silver
  • Preston “10” Vance
  • Stu Grayson

Hardy Empire:

  • Angelico
  • The Blade
  • The Butcher
  • Isiah Kassidy
  • Jack Evans
  • Marq Quen
  • Matt Hardy

Jurassic Express:

  • Jungle Boy
  • Luchasaurus
  • Marko Stunt

Death Triangle:

  • Pac
  • Penta El Zero Miedo
  • Rey Fenix

Team Taz:

  • Brian Cage
  • Ricky Starks
  • Powerhouse Hobbs

Gunn Club:

  • Austin Gunn
  • Billy Gunn
  • Colten Gunn

Best Friends:

  • Chuck Taylor
  • Trent
  • Orange Cassidy

Some people will say AEW has too many titles. This is a valid concern. AEW should avoid overloading itself with title belts, especially since some AEW titles desperately need more attention. (cough Women’s Title cough) AEW steers clear of this issue by showcasing other promotions’ titles. The NWA Women’s Championship, the IMPACT Tag Team Championship, and the AAA Mega Championship have all made appearances on Dynamite. Here’s the thing: AEW can avoid implementing their own trios titles by agreeing with another wrestling organization.

On a recent episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross talked about the potential for AEW to add six-man tag team titles. JR mentioned that back in the early 90s, WCW had six-man titles that weren’t booked correctly and were a kiss of death to the talent. He noted that if AEW were to introduce them, they would have to book it better.

The six-man titles were a kiss of death,” Ross said. “It’s like giving somebody a title like a cruiserweight title because cruiserweights have been marketed so poorly along with the junior heavyweight title which I’m partial to. There are certain things that in today’s world, they’re just not going to accept.

I shudder to think that if AEW wanted to have six-man tag champions, and I think that will happen. I’m guessing, I don’t know this because we’re so tag team heavy. Adding another guy to someone else’s duo is more doable because we have so many tag teams that are getting regular T.V. exposure.

Trios titles are an inevitability for AEW Dynamite. There is so much potential left untapped with trios titles. The possibilities are endless for AEW to take advantage of. Six-Man Belts, Mixed triple Tag Titles, World Trios Championship, whatever AEW wants to call it.

Six-man tag is the next logical step and opens up new booking opportunities. It will give wrestlers more to do (both male and female if AEW can get its head out of its ass). AEW needs six-man tag titles; it’s as simple as one, two, three.

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