Tua Time Is Over, Bring In Deshaun Watson

Tua Time Is Over, Bring In Deshaun Watson

If there was a perfect time for the Dolphins to make a move for Deshaun Watson, it is now. Both the Texans and Dolphins saw their starting quarterbacks fall to injury in week two. Tyrod Taylor left the game due to a hamstring injury and Tua Tagovailoa left the game due to a rib injury.

After both teams suffered losses, largely to not having a starting QB on the field, the obvious move just became more clear. If Miami wants to win games and compete, the time to get Deshaun Watson is here. Is this a smart move? Let’s check it out.

Yes, Get Watson

In his career, Watson has thrown for 104 touchdowns and over 14,000 yards. On the field he is great, and despite all of the off-field legal issues, Watson still holds a lot of value. The problem that remains is Houston wants a LOT in return for Watson.

Houston wants players and draft picks and Miami is the right team to trade for him. Both teams have been rumored to be in talks already but nothing has come from it yet. Miami has all of the leverage in this trade to get a quarterback that can win them games.

After losing Tua to a rib injury that could be long-term, Miami lost 35-0 to the Bills and need to get back into the division race. Watson is fully eligible to play so if the Dolphins are willing to trade, then it needs to happen. Whether Tua is healthy again or not, Watson should be pursued heavily by Miami.

Would It Work?

Watson is easily a top-five quarterback when he is on the field. Miami took a risk by going with Tua and has once again shown he is injury-prone. Watson is a dual-threat quarterback that would fit well with their speedy wide receiver core.

Miami should want an elite QB like Watson, as he brings a skill set that not many other QBs have. Watson would bring passing skills that Miami has lacked even with Tua. I think adding Watson would help the Dolphins make that leap to a serious division contender or even winner.

The only way this would work is if Miami is willing to sacrifice some draft picks and more than likely trade away Tua in the deal. A starter for a starter in the trade would be the most ideal trade to bring in Watson. If Miami can make that trade work, Watson will be a Dolphin.

Final Thoughts

There should only be one outcome here, Deshaun Watson going to Miami. Whether the deal happens or not will continue to be a mystery. However, with an injury-prone Tua and draft picks to spare, Miami needs to make this deal happen.

The AFC East is within their reach and a big-money move like this could be the final piece of the puzzle. Houston does not need him nor will he ever play in a Texans’ uniform again. They need to get him to the right buyer and in this case, it is Miami. Only time will tell if the Dolphins are going to make a move that could help them return to the playoffs and maybe more.

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