Tuesday Night Impact: The Bullet Club Is Back

In a very well wrestled main event, Carl Anderson of The Good Brothers, one half of the Impact Tag-Team Champions, defeated Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns by underhanded tactics. This caused celebrations to erupt from the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis, who was watching from the multi-million dollar bus they use to travel between AEW and Impact.

However, Anderson’s actions prompted a visit from the Impact World Champion Rich Swan questioning Anderson’s methods. Omega and Callis cooed in the Bus how the champ (Anderson) can do what he wants. Omega stated “The champ can do what he wants, watch a master at work!” and exited the bus.

Anderson walked away from the Impact Champ continuing to the backstage area, to which Anderson then turned on Swan with a hard right to Swan’s jaw. This caused the Motor City Machine Guns to intervene on Swan’s behalf. Alex Shelley, the other half of the Motor City Machine Guns, took a huge boot to the face from the second half of the Impact World Tag-Team Champions and partner with Anderson in The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows. Gallows then laid out Saban only to receive a Super Kick from Swan.

Swan was blasted with a wet floor caution sign from the AEW Champ himself Kenny Omega. Omega had Callis tease his AEW Championship gold to a fallen Swan just a sec and then stated at the Hard to Kill PPV they will reform the “old” Bullet Club!

“You asked for it, you’re gonna get it!” Omega announced. Don Callis then conformed, right there on the spot, that the match will take place!

At Hard to Kill, January 16, 2021, live on PPV! It will be (The Bullet Club) AEW World Champ Kenny Omega teaming with the Impact World Tag-Team Champions The Good Brothers- Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows vs Impact World Champ Rich Swan teaming with the Motor City Machine Guns-Alex Shelley and Chris Saban in a six-man tag-team Main Event!

This is truly a great time to be a Professional Wrestling fan. The merger between AEW and Impact seems to be coming to fruition. Omega will be on the first Impact PPV of the new year, and I do not doubt that Hard to Kill’s views will at least double that of their last PPV Final Resolution. I can’t wait to see the numbers for Hard to Kill. Just the AEW Champ appearing on Tuesday Night Impact for the last two weeks has given Impact’s weekly ratings a huge boost.

Moving forward, if the merger continues and both organizations allow their talent to work on the other’s shows, the in-ring match-ups are almost endless. Maybe, just maybe, a continued expansion of the “old” Bullet Club where some former members from the NJPW(New Japan Pro-Wrestling) days, that are currently on the AEW roster, may join back up. I personally cannot wait to find out!

To finish in the words of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega “Goodbye and goodnight, bang!”