Two Potential Travis Shaw Replacements

Two Potential Travis Shaw Replacements

In a horrible scene today at Great American Ballpark, Travis Shaw’s season was possibly lost due to a dislocated left shoulder. We fans all need to show our support and wish Travis a speedy recovery.

Now that the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place in the N.L central, they will need to find a suitable replacement for Shaw, but who will be available come July? Let’s take a look at two likely targets we could see don a Brewers uniform within the next month.

Most likely- Eduardo Escobar

The switch-hitting 32-year-old is no stranger to Milwaukee’s front office, in fact, David Stearns was showing interest back in 2018’s trade deadline before the Twins traded Escobar to Arizona. Since joining AZ, Escobar has put up some decent numbers for the snakes. His best year was 2019 when he hit .269/.320/.511. That season, Escobar blasted 35 home runs and had ten triples.

Another upside to this veteran is that he can play multiple infield positions. This trait could come in handy for Milwaukee as they could use him to give off days to Adames and Urias. Escobar is set to earn just a little over seven million dollars in 2021. This figure could easily be taken on by the crew.

Somewhat likely- Asdrubal Cabrera

Another crafty veteran on the trade block is Asdrubal Cabrera. Cabrera has become somewhat of a journeyman since his seven years with the Indians. Since leaving the tribe, he has played for the Nationals (2014) one season, Tampa Bay Rays (2015), New York Mets (2016-2018), Phillies (2018), the Texas Rangers (2019); his second and most important season with Washington in 2019 and 2020, and finally with Arizona in 2021.

So, why not add Milwaukee to that list? In 2021 at 35 years old and Arizona headed for a rebuild, Cabrera is sure to be dealt by the July deadline. He is sporting a .275/.378/.450 line and has four long balls. It is not his current season that should intrigue Milwaukee, it is his potential veteran leadership that we see can have a very big impact. Your best example being Willy Adames.

Like Adames, Cabrera has been to a World Series, the only difference is he managed to be on the winning side. Cabrera could become another veteran leader and help out on the field, but shine in the locker room.

A Package Deal?

Could the Brewers front office pull off a bigger trade with the Diamondbacks? Maybe, we could see both Cabrera and Escobar come over in this potential deal. Milwaukee needs not just a third baseman, but they do need some help off the bench. Now you may ask yourself what would we need to give up? Well, seeing that they both are free agents at the end of the year, Milwaukee may not have to surrender what’s left on the farm.

Escobar would be the everyday third basemen and Cabrera could be a utility player for Craig Counsell. To pry both of them from Arizona’s GM Mike Hazen’s grasp, the Brewers could offer up a current major leaguer, Brent Suter as a headliner, and a couple of mid to lower-level prospects. To replace Suter, Milwaukee could call up top prospect Aaron Ashby to take his spot in the bullpen while allowing him to get his feet wet at the MLB level.

Regardless of what happens, we fans can pretty much guarantee that Slinging Stearns will be hard at work to add a new face to play the hot corner in 2021.

Steve Ohlrogge

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