Up, Up, Down, Down; AFC Championship Game; Buffalo Bills Versus Kansas City Chiefs

Like the sun is hot and ice is cold, everyone knows the Buffalo Bills face off against the Kansas City Chiefs every 27 years in the AFC Championship game. This was and could arguably be the best season in Bills team history. Going 13-3 during the regular season and winning their first playoff game in 25 years, the Bills head into the Championship game against the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Unfortunately, things did not go as the Bills and BillsMafia would have like; the Bills lost 38-24. Throughout the game, there were some ups and downs for the Bills:


The Bills Special Teams:

On the opening drive of the game, the Bills offense was able to move the ball down the field but stalled out at the Kansas City 33. Then came in Bills rookie kicker Tyler Bass who lined up for a 51-yard field goal, and the kick was good. Setting an Arrow Head Stadium playoff record. Later in the game, he would tie that record.

On the next offensive drive, the Bills were stopped and forced to punt. Cory Bojorquez had a 48-yard punt that was muffed by M. Hardman which was recovered by the Bills at the three-yard line. That set up the first touchdown of the game.

In the fourth quarter of the game, the Bills completed an on-sides kick. that was the first successful on-side lick in the playoffs since.

Josh Allen:

I know some people will see Allen as an up and say did you watch the game? Yes, I did. While there were some “Super High” Josh Allen moments, he was the reason they were able to start a comeback. When Allen was able to mix in runs into the passing game, it started to open up throwing lanes and forcing the Chiefs to get out of man coverage.



During the regular season and the first two games of the playoffs, the Bills were one of the most aggressive teams. By that, I mean going for it on fourth down or in goal to go situations pass up the field goal, and go for the touchdown.

I understand and have seen people say you have to take the points when they are there. You are playing the Chiefs, who can score from anywhere on the field as we saw during the game. In a game like this, you need touchdowns, not field goals.

At the end of the first half, the Bills were settled for the field goal. Later in the fourth, when they needed points, they settled for another field goal.

The Defense:

The Bills started the game off running a soft zone coverage to help prevent long plays. The problem is that throughout the game, the Chiefs were able to create long plays in the passing and running game.

The Bills’ coaches never really come off that game plan. There were no second-half adjustments until they needed to start blitzing. The Chiefs offense was able to score on every drive except their first drive of the game and knell downs.

Overall, it was a very exciting first quarter of the game for Bills fans when we took a 9-0 lead. That did not last long once Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs started moving the ball at will.

This was the most exciting season for the Bills that I can remember as during the Super Bowl years; I was five. I can not wait to see where next season takes us. We have a franchise quarterback and a superstar wide receiver. It’s time to improve the offense and defensive lines and build on where they left off. GO BILLS!