Urban Meyer Will Regret Trading Minshew

Urban Meyer Will Regret Trading Minshew

The new Jaguars coach will regret trading the player at the center of the hype of Minshew Mania. Here’s why:

It’s Always Beneficial To Have A Veteran Behind A Rookie QB

This specifically relates to Trevor Lawrence, the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. Having a veteran presence behind a rookie QB is always helpful. Whether it’s from a mentoring standpoint or for injury insurance, there’s every reason to keep a veteran QB. Especially one the Jaguars are paying roughly $850,000 this year. Minshew has a solid two years remaining on his contract. He has familiarity with the team which is always a positive too.

Not A Worthwhile Return

The Jaguars got a sixth-round pick in return for Minshew. Is that really worth trading a stable backup QB? I think not! Minshew posted a stat line of 2259 yards, 16 touchdowns, five interceptions, and a 66% completion percentage in nine games. Not an awful season, considering the offensive line in Jacksonville as well as the young core of receivers last year.

Minshew had an incredible season the year before, and I think he could repeat that given another opportunity. I understand the Jaguars’ mindset at the moment. They’re trying to stockpile assets to rebuild their team, however, I’m sure Minshew was a positive influence in the locker room. That is essential to have when starting with a new coaching staff and trying to rebuild the identity of a team.

Jags Lacking Talent Behind Lawrence

The remaining quarterbacks behind Trevor Lawrence at the moment are CJ Beathard and Jake Luton. First of all, Beathard and Luton were being paid more or roughly equal in comparison to Minshew. So, from a money standpoint, you go with Minshew. Secondly, we all saw what Luton did last year. It isn’t worth mentioning.

Beathard is coming off of a rough stint with the 49ers, where he never was a secure starter. If Lawrence goes down with an injury, who do you want to lead your team? Gardner Minshew!

Hurts Minshew’s Development As A Player

Gardner Minshew enters a crowded quarterback room in Philly. Jalen Hurts has the starting job at the moment, but veteran Joe Flacco is also arriving on the roster. Minshew presumably slides into the third spot on the depth chart. After becoming a fan favorite in Jacksonville and gaining chemistry with the Jaguars’ receivers in the past, this is truly a fresh start for Minshew. There’s really no clear path where he sees any sort of respectable playing time this season.

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