Warriors Acquiring Ben Simmons: Why It Makes Sense?

Warriors Acquiring Ben Simmons: Why It Makes Sense?

Despite his offensive inefficiencies, Ben Simmons is a bombastic trade target as long as his next team knows how to utilize him. And despite the slanders that some fans threw at him, Ben Simmons remains a great asset to have for the right system.

In the past, many once hailed Simmons as the perfect second star of the Philadelphia 76ers. He was going to help Joel Embiid bring the Sixers to the promised land. What happened?

Another disappointment.

After finishing the 2020-2021 regular season with the best record in the Eastern Conference, the shock came to Philadelphia during the Eastern Conference Semifinals. That shock happened to be the Atlanta Hawks. For many, Ben Simmons’ problematic jump shots doomed the team.

Even Joel Embiid looked noncommittal when asked about the future of Simmons in Philadelphia.

Beneficial for Both Golden State and Philadelphia

Any trade package involving Ben Simmons will have Philadelphia receiving something massive in return. Despite his problems, pundits see Simmons as one of the premier defenders and ball handlers in the NBA today. Given the right system to play in, Ben Simmons would rise into a legitimate NBA star.

That’s why it’s not surprising that analysts believed that many NBA teams would try to acquire Ben Simmons. One of those teams whom analysts think should go after Simmons is the Golden State Warriors.

While the dynamic duo of Steph Curry and Klay Thompsom returning next season, Colin Cowherd believes that adding Ben Simmons “answers a lot of questions for Golden State,

A Ben Simmons in a Warriors jersey could give Golden State a defender and a ball handler that could take care of the point guard duties. With Curry and Thompson hopefully healthy, they would find their spots where they could hit it. A kick-out pass from Simmons to the corner with either Curry or Thompson receiving and then BANG! Another three!

Philadelphia could also benefit from letting go of Ben Simmons. While they would lose Simmons as a defender, they need a better scorer to play alongside Joel Embiid. More importantly, Joel Embiid won’t need to worry about a teammate who would pass up an open dunk or a lay-up

The Humps

The idea of the Warriors acquiring Ben Simmons intrigues analysts. They also know that this trade would need to overcome a few humps.

With Curry and Thompson unlikely included in any trade package involving Simmons, who would Golden State give up? Andrew Wiggins? Draymond Green?

An Andrew Wiggins-Ben Simmons would work fine, according to ESPN’s Trade Machine. Golden State could even add the seventh pick in the 2021 NBA Rookie Draft into the bag. The only questions are these: Will they be enough, and will Philadephia bite the bait?

Speaking of Draymond Green, he is the Warriors’ primary defender and facilitator. He averaged eight assists, seven points, seven rebounds, and a steal during the 2020-2021 season. However, adding Ben Simmons could cause redundancy in the system of Coach Steve Kerr. While many believe Simmons has more upsides in slashing through the paint for easy baskets, will Golden State trade their vocal leader?

This potential trade is going to be tricky for both Golden State and Philadelphia.

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