Washington Football Team Releases Dwayne Haskins

Today saw the Washington Football Team release, Dwayne Haskins. It is controversial if a predictable end to the former Ohio man’s tenure in Landover. It signals the end for Haskins in Washington; it might even signal the end of Haskins in the NFL. Ron Rivera is in his first year in Washington; he is trying to establish a positive mentality within the organization. That requires the players to buy into it. Haskins hasn’t bought into what Rivera is selling. It was only going to end in one way.

Last week saw Haskins face more criticism; he was at a strip club breaking Covid rules. Quarterbacks must become franchise leaders; to do that, they must make themselves accountable. In his two years in the NFL, Haskins failed in making himself responsible.

His actions yesterday were worse; after his benching, he went home instead of staying to support his teammates. That is an unforgivable action; there needed to be consequences. Haskins is heading into Jonny Manziel territory; it is a dangerous path he is traveling down. Haskins possesses significant character flaws, Rivera tried to give him shot after shot, he failed with every chance. There was no choice for Ron Rivera.

The NFL is not college; every player must make themselves accountable. It is not a big-time university where they mollycoddle players; you are responsible for your actions. You are reporting to grown men who have families to feed; there is no tolerance for behaving like a spoilt brat. Talent is nothing without character; Haskins possesses some skill; however, there is no character.

We saw at Ohio State that Haskins has a strong arm. Sadly, that is all he owns right now. He needed to apply himself in the offseason to get better; his QBR is a terrible 30.7. He’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season. Haskins’ play sank to new levels this year. There was no rookie excuse this year; Washington required him to improve. It didn’t happen.

Marry the sub-par play to the wrong attitude; there was no option for Washington. Now, they move on to a massive clash against the Eagles in Week 17. Taylor Heinicke or Alex Smith will be under center for that game.

Riverboat Ron is building something special in Washington. The defense is ferocious, while Terry Mclaurin and Antonio Gibson are shining on offense. Defeat or victory against Philadelphia should not define Washington’s season. They are on the right path to rebuilding their reputation. The release of Haskins is the next block in the foundation. There is no time for players who rock a nasty attitude in this locker room.

For Dwayne Haskins, he now needs to take a look in the mirror. His career is in danger of flaming out; no one will save it for him. Haskins can still succeed in the NFL; however, he must change his mindset. He must demonstrate that he is willing to learn. He must display a willingness to be a good teammate. He needs to knuckle down, work hard then he can resurrect his career.

The ball is in Dwayne Haskins’ court; he can follow Jamarcus Russell and Jonny Manziel or create the most incredible comeback story since Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, it is all up to you, Dwayne.