Welcome To Prime Anthony Davis

Heading into the new league season, there were a lot of expectations coming the Los Angeles Lakers way. They had just won their first title since the late Kobe Bryant’s last one in 2010, brought even more pieces to solidify the back end of the roster in the offseason, and had another year of the AD and ‘Bron pairing to root for. The future was brighter than the lights of Hollywood itself; however, things didn’t exactly go happily ever after for the purple and gold.

As the season rolled on, injuries began to take their toll as Lebron and AD both missed significant time, other pieces like Dennis Schroeder missed key time due to COVID protocols as well, and the roster just didn’t seem to mesh as Marc Gasol reportedly was frustrated with playing time as the team brought in Andre Drummond from the buyout market. All in all, the season to most of its roster, was a loss as they barely made it to the 7th seed after a highly anticipated matchup between the Warriors during the play-in tournament. From there, it was only going to get worse as they were slated to run into Chris Paul and the 2nd seeded Phoenix Suns. Then Anthony Davis decided to show up.

After a horrendous showing in a game one loss, Anthony Davis went from 13 points on 5-16 from the field to back to back 30 and 10 games. It was like he woke up that morning and realized that he’s taller and better than almost everyone on that court in this series and it showed. There are no more terrible fadeaways on the baseline like a wannabe 2-guard. Instead, he’s posting up and using his athleticism and length to his advantage and attacking the rim.

Then, he uses that to go into that fade away when the defense adjusts. So, is this prime Anthony Davis? Because it’s not just the aforementioned paintwork. He’s hitting clutch threes, bringing the ball up and facilitating, and still putting in that WORK on the defensive end like a legitimate all-around threat. But the best part is his quote after the game. He called out his own performance in game one by stating, “We can’t win many games much less a series with me playing like that.” So, he responded. That’s what the great ones do.

Watch out Lebron. AD’s in his prime, and this is his time. This is his team.