What Are The Golden State Warriors Waiting For?

What Are The Golden State Warriors Waiting For?

This past summer, the Golden State Warriors were thought out as a team to watch out for with having the seventh and the 14th pick in this year’s draft. Pulse promising big man James Wiseman to use as trade chips. A lot of people thought that Golden State would be a major player during the off-season; surprising offers weren’t out there.

Golden state selected Jonathan Kuminga with the seventh pick and Moses Moody with the 14th pick. These are players who have high risk, high reward, rather than players who could help them win now.

Not A Good Off-Season

Golden State did resign franchise player Stephen Curry to a four-year contract extension worth $215.4 million. So, at least Golden State didn’t let Curry get to free agency. But, the rest of their off-season was just awful. Bringing back Andre Iguodala, who is on his last legs, and Nemanja Bjelica who is always out of shape. Bringing Otto Porter Jr in was an okay move; Porter is a solid player but has missed a lot of games the past couple of years due to injures.

Klay Thompson should be back at some point this season. Thompson is coming back from a Left Knee ACL Tear and Right Achilles Tear. Thompson should be brought back slowly. This is where I have an issue with Golden State’s off-season.

The Lottery Is A Risk To Play

Who knows what Thompson will look like coming back from injury. His jumper will still be pure, but what about on defense, though? Draymond Green had a better second half of the season though looked a step slow for most of the year. The lottery was supposed to be Golden State’s golden ticket for a top pick to use it in a trade; falling to seven was a blow for Golden State.

We don’t know what trade offers Golden State got over the off-season, but not having a backup for Thompson and Curry will hurt them. Andrew Wiggins is never going to be who people thought he would be. He will have his moments, but when it matters most, he won’t help.

Bradley Beal was the dream for a lot of teams this summer. Beal has been extremely loyal to Washington as of now and does not look to get traded anytime soon. Golden State was focused on Beal and it backfired on them. Rumors about Ben Simmons being linked to Golden State have died down. In theory, it would make sense for Golden State, but what would they trade that would make sense? Simmons and Green do not fit.

Original Mistake

I go back to the 2020 draft where Golden State had a chance at drafting Lamelo Ball. Instead, Golden State selected James Wiseman, who is a promising center. My question is when has this era of Golden State basketball have they had any real use with a center? Ball would have been insurance for Golden State down the line and for Thompson.

Bob Meyers, Golden State General Manager, had a rough summer. I know no one in the media will call him out on it because he talks to the media. Back to back bad off-seasons for the team that was “light years” ahead of everyone.

Maxwell Marshall

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