What Are The Portland Trail Blazers Doing This Off-Season?

What Are The Portland Trail Blazers Doing This Off-Season?

Neil Olshey should be on the hot seat, and I can’t believe he still has a job. I thought both Olshey and Former Head coach Terry Stotts should have been fired at the end of the season. In my opinion, Stotts has done a way better job than Olshey over the past couple of years. Portland’s Superstar Damian Lillard has raised concern over the front office not making any moves to actually fix the team.

These past off-season changes were made at Head Coach, Stotts out Chauncey Billups in. In free agency nothing exciting as usually for Portland. Olshey will be the reason why Lillard will as to leave town.

Lillard has always been very loyal to the Portland fanbase. But, now is the time to look elsewhere. It started on the coaching search. Jason Kidd had the blessing of Lillard and was even interviewed by Olshey. Kidd’s domestic abuse among other instances made Portland fans upset. Kidd took his name out of the coaching search.

After that mess was over with, Portland had their eyes on Billups to be the new coach. To be fair, I didn’t know that Billups had an assault trial in 1997. Lillard was put in an awkward situation again for speaking up for Billups as his new coach. Again, with Billups being on ESPN for a couple of years and this past season as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. It wasn’t brought up once to my knowledge. Not saying Billups past shouldn’t be brought up, just should have been brought up earlier.

Can the Blazers do anything right?

To make things worse, Billups and Olshey had a press conference. Both made their own statements about the 1997 assault trial. Later in the press conference, the 1997 trial got brought up. A p/r person said they were done talking about it. Not a good look for Portland’s management.

Let’s go back to last year’s free agency where a lot of people in the media were saying Portland “Won the off-season” I find that hard to believe, so acquiring Enes Kanter, Derrick Jones Jr, Harry Giles, and resigning Carmelo Anthony was going to beat both LA teams? Not in this life, sorry.

1st round exit to the Denver Nuggets. The great Olshey made it clear that the roster defensive woes were not his fault “In this instance… the 1st round loss, the defense was not a product of the roster” Not saying Stotts shouldn’t take the blame, but Olshey look in the mirror this roster is on you.

Still cant find that big move

You would think after Olshey calling out their former coach a big off-season would be in store for Portland. Wrong; another patch-up job by Olshey. Norman Powell was resigned at five years, worth $90 million. Cody Zeller, Ben McLemore, and Tony Snell. If I am a Portland fan, I’d be losing my mind. Are you serious; these are the moves you make to keep Lillard?

I know Lillard and C.J Mccollum are very close, but this duo has seen enough. At the end of the day, we all know this league is a business. Especially, with Powell coming back put Mccollum on the trade block and see what you can get on the market.

There is no point having Mccollum and Powell on Portland at that price. Would the Philadelphia 76ers sell low on Ben Simmons for Mccollum and a punch of stuff? I personally don’t think so.

Olshey has done a good job talking to reporters in the media, so they don’t call him out; it has been his thing for years. Olshey has a couple of options on his hands. One, keep the team as is and lose in the first round, or have the guts to trade Mccollum. But, sadly for Portland fans, I think sooner or later Lillard will ask to leave and most of your blame should go to Olshey.

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