What Can Brewers Fans Expect From Willy Adames?

In a shocking move, the Milwaukee Brewers front office has pulled off a major trade.

Today the Brewers swung a deal to acquire shortstop Willy Adames. In return, the team said goodbye to breakout relievers in J.P Feyereisen and Drew Rasmussen.

The biggest question is, did Milwaukee improve on this trade?

With Adames, the Brewers acquire a 25-year-old plus defensive shortstop who has been known to hit a little bit. Adames carries a .254/.320/.420 career line and has shown some pop as early as the 2019 season, where he hit 20 home runs and slashed .254/.317/.418. Adames drove in 52 runs that season.

On the defensive side, he has a .963 fielding percentage. He has only committed 43 career errors since he entered the league in 2018. He has had 1,154 career opportunities. This alone will help improve the Brewers, who are struggling to find consistent defense at the position. To put these numbers into perspective, Luis Urias has 19 career errors and nine of those have come this year. That goes to show how much of a mental slump Urias is in currently.

Adames also comes with four years of control. He is not a free agent until the year 2025. With this move, the Brewers will add a more capable and controllable bat to an already struggling lineup.

The acquisition of Adames seems to put a hold on a potential promotion of Dee Strange Gordon, but we could still see Gordon get a shot at some point in a much smaller role. Perhaps, he could be called up to be strictly used as a pinch-runner.

What does this move mean for Luis Urias?

We previously discussed the potential of the 23-year-old Luis Urias and how we should not be so fast to judge the young former top prospect. It seems, however, that the Brewers front office has a different view and now we will have to get used to seeing Urias in a possible utility role for the foreseeable future.

This move has definitely made the Brewers a better team overall, but when you are second to last in team batting average in the national league, anything couldn’t hurt. We fans shouldn’t be surprised if the brewers start sacrificing buckets of chicken to get these bats going. Seriously though, Adames is a great pick up and we should be very excited that we get to add him to this ball club.