What Does The Fiend/Bray Wyatt’s Release Mean For WWE, AEW, And His Fans?

What Does The Fiend/Bray Wyatt’s Release Mean For WWE, AEW, And His Fans?

News broke Saturday morning that WWE has come to terms with the release of The Fiend/Bray Wyatt! What does this mean for all parties involved?

Firstly, the wording in the tweet could suggest this is a mutual agreement. Either for health reasons, mental or physical, to give Bray a complete chance to recover without breaking any contract details, or all parties agreed to the complete release of terms. The WWE has done this multiple times. The Kurt Angle release comes to mind. But, as a result of that release, Angle signed with then TNA. Could we have a similar case here?


Subsequently, rumors were swirling that Vince McMahon was not happy with the absence of Bray Wyatt. We know and understand that Bray was having issues with the death of long time friend Jon Huber. But, as par for the WWE, Vince will only wait for so long for most of his superstars. I even wrote a previous article on how long the WWE will wait for him to return. Now that it has happened, what does this mean for WWE?

At this point, it would stand to reason to run with the Alexa Bliss and the darkness. Letting her get dark and brooding, maybe go deeper into the darkness with Lilly, therefore, if the release was for Bray to take his time and fully recover. He could step right back in and pick up where he left off. If it was a complete release, they can play out the Alexa and Lilly skit and move on in any direction they wish. Either way, the views will go down.

To sum up, the skits with Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse and any match with The Fiend had the fans going crazy. Anticipation for The Fiends return was almost at a fever pitch. So, until word starts to spread with a possible return. I see views going down drastically.


Now, many are saying to hold your horses on AEW signing Bray Wyatt. Maybe we should. However, with the news of two huge possible signings in AEW, Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, and Phillip Brooks aka CM Punk, nothing concrete as of this writing. One cannot help getting excited about this possible signing. Add to that the fact that Wyatt’s friend Jon Huber worked for AEW as Mr. Brodie Lee, the leader of the Dark Order. The possibilities have AEW fans drooling, and no doubt has Tony Khan grabbing the phone to try to get this done.

There are speculations that if Wyatt were to join AEW, Danielson and Phillips’s deal would be available. Same pay, less time in the ring, and more creative control. What’s not to like about that. Then, add the “Forbbiden Door” possibilities, and AEW sounds like a great gig.

Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt

As a result of his release, I am hopeful Bray will have the time he needs to get his mind and his body right. I have seen some posts of Wyatt out and about. However, no solid confirmation of anything, spending time with his family. And sometimes, that is what a person needs.

I have heard varying stories on what creative ownership Wyatt has of his characters. I have heard some say total control, meaning they are his to take. Which for fans of Wyatt’s would be absolutely awesome. Fans would continue to get what has drawn them to him since the beginning. And, he can take that control no matter where he goes.

Then, I hear contradicting stories that he only owns part, which means WWE owns part. And, of course, that WWE has trademarked everything. I don’t see Vince allowing a character like The Fiend to get over as he has without having a firm grip on controlling that character for the WWE. But, time will tell on that aspect.


Whichever the case may be for his release. We all hope, as fans of Bray Wyatt, and wrestling in general. That Bray gets the time, he needs to recover and hopefully move forward with this completely immersive character that we as fans love and want to see more of!

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