What I Was Right About; NFL Draft Edition

What I Was Right About; NFL Draft Edition

Now, what also goes along with seeing where you were wrong and doing a self-evaluation? You should also do the same with what you were right about. This probably won’t get as many clicks as my last article, but eh…I don’t care. So, let’s get to the fun!

  • San Francisco was not going to take Mac Jones at #3: I mean, it just makes sense if you think about it. Why would a team take basically Jake Delhomme with a top-five pick?
  • Greg Newsome and Rashod Bateman would be gone before pick #29: Even with the depth of the class, they were both too good to last until 29. Bateman did get close at 27, though.
  • Packers didn’t take a Wide Receiver in the 1st: This was obvious to anyone who knows how the Packers front office works.
  • Packers were going to take an OT or CB in the 1st: Again, it was obvious to anyone who knows how the front office works and knew their needs.
  • Elijah Moore and Rondale Moore are not first-round players: I thought it was obvious. You don’t take a player who will be limited to playing only the slot in the first round. While electric, these players are somewhat limited.
  • Kelvin Joseph would not go in the 1st: While he has plenty of upside and talent, there are character concerns about him and he only had one year of starting experience.
  • JOK would not be a 1st round pick: He’s a guy that has great highlights. But trying to figure out where he fits in the NFL is an issue. He played around 215 which is safety size, but he’s not really a safety. He got up to 220 for his pro day still that is small for a linebacker for NFL standards. JOK is not all that great against the run. A bigger Jabrill Peppers. He is basically a dime ‘backer.
  • Nick Bolton would not go in the first round: He plays hard, but he is undersized and a less than average athlete. If you are going to be a 5’11 linebacker in the NFL, you better be a good athlete; he is not. His instincts are not that great either. His upside is limited.
  • The Packers were going to draft a Center: While I thought they would wait until 4th-5th round range to take one, I knew they would take one. It’s another one of their MO’s. They like to mix in youth with their veterans on the o-line. Even though the Packers already had two players on the roster that could play center. Guard is Jenkin’s best spot. While the center is actually Lucas Patrick’s best spot. He is a free agent after this year and they won’t be able to afford to keep him. They won’t go back to back years replacing their center.
  • Andre Cisco is one of the better safeties in the draft: He is a freak athlete who is a ball hawk. If not for his knee injury, he probably would have gone in the 2nd.
  • Brady Christensen not going in the first two rounds: There was talk about him being a 2nd round pick. I didn’t see it off the film I watched. He tested out well, but his lower body is a bit stiff. He is better off at right tackle.
  • Josh Palmer is a day two player: Some websites out there had him going 6th-undrafted. I felt those people were just looking at his stats and not actually watching his film. He was held back by a terrible QB and a bad scheme. He probably will never be a #1, but he can be a real good #2.
  • The Packers did not break their size threshold at wide receiver: They may have broken their height threshold for Rodgers, but they did not at the size. Another reason why they were not going to take those smaller receivers like the Moore’s or Atwell’s.
  • Kendrick Green and Nico Collins would go day two: Green was out of the media’s eye as he played on a bad Illinois team, plus he plays offensive line and those guys get missed sometimes. He is going to be a real good player at the next level, similar to Collins. He is a bit more prospect right now than Green. He still needs some work, but the talent and upside are there. Shea Patterson was a terrible QB and Michigan’s offense did not help either. His opting out dimmed his star a little too.
  • Elijah Molden would be a late 3rd-4th: He was a good solid nickel back for Washington. His size and athleticism though are going to hold him back a bit in the NFL. He is smart and has some versatility, but the upside is limited. He could be moved to safety.
  • Ambry Thomas was rated higher by NFL teams: A lot in media had him as a 4th or 5th rounder. If you go back and watch his ’19 film, he was really good, and that was his first as a starter. He also has a lot of versatility to him that teams value.
  • Dez Fitzpatrick is another receiver underrated by the media: Similar situation to Josh Palmer. He is a good solid all-around receiver who can play in the league right away. Doesn’t have a big upside but a high floor.
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown was overrated: He is a slot receiver with limited upside. He can play on the outside but he is a lot better in the slot. I never understood the 2nd round talk. Poor speed keeps him from being anything more.
  • Tyler Shelvin is a day three pick: Big, huge, unathletic guys are not valuable in the NFL. They are ‘a dime a dozen’ If you can not rush the passer your value drops a lot.
  • The Packers took three offensive linemen: I had predicted that they would take three again. Like always they would prioritize versatile offensive linemen. Newman can play Tackle or guard.
  • Daelin Hayes was a mid-Day three pick: Off of everything I read on him, I really liked him and thought he would be a potential Packers pick. Then, I watched his film; it was very underwhelming. He sets a good edge, and he is a good run defender. But, he didn’t show much other than that. He lacks a bend in his lower half and has no idea what he’s doing when trying to rush the passer and would get stuck on blockers. Some had him as a 3rd rounder. I didn’t see it.
  • The Packers would take a defensive lineman: It just made sense. Even with a weak class, the Packers have Kenny Clark and a bunch of rotational guys. While Slaton’s upside may be somewhat limited, Clark still needed some help.
  • The Packers would draft more than one cornerback and at least one would be a nickel candidate: While I was wrong about Charles, I still felt they would take at least two corners and one of them would have definitely been a nickel or dime back with the down year Sullivan had, and the Packers not having much other depth in regards to slot cover guys.
  • Simi Fehoko hype was media created: While he does have upside and talent, he still also has a lot of flaws and only one year of production. Some in the draft community had him going in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  • Same with Talanoa Hufanga: His film also showed some flaws. His athletic testing was less than ideal. Also, he is a bit undersized at 6’0 200.
  • Hamsah Nasirildeen also got some late media hype: He got some late hype that I never understood. Injuries and inconsistencies knocked him down the 6th.
  • Seth Williams got overrated by some: He slipped further than I expected, but a lot in the draft community had him in the 3rd round. I didn’t see it. He has some talent and upside but has a ways to go.
  • Cole Van Lanen was a Packers fit: I had him on my Packers board for a long time. He just seems like a Packers-type offensive lineman. Although, his upside may be somewhat limited.
  • The Packers would take a running back: Although I felt they would take one a little earlier, Hill is a great pick, and one of my Packers fits. With how LaFleur likes to rotate his backs, he needs three solid backs to help run his offense.

Thanks for joining me guys!

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