What Is Going On With Keston Hiura?

Once in a while, everyone experiences ups and downs. Unfortunately, right now for the Brewers’ proven slugger, Keston Hiura is experiencing the latter.

If you have been paying attention to this team since 2019, you would know without a shadow of a doubt that Keston Hiura is one of the brighter up-and-coming stars in the MLB. Sure, Hiura has had his share of errors and swing-and-miss troubles in his brief career, but for some odd reason though, fans turn a blind eye to the history.

In Hiura’s rookie campaign, he hit .303/.368/.570, hit 19 homers, and drove in 49 RBIs. The year after that, the 60 game sprint season, Hiura led the team in longballs with 13, and he drove in 32 runs in 59 games played. Hiura also tallied 46 hits in 59 games in 2020. It is safe to say that he is a very important player that needs to perform for this team to succeed.

Why has Hiura struggled thus far in 2021?

For those who don’t know, Keston’s recent demotion to Triple-A was not just based on him struggling. He was given a ‘mental break” to give him time to spend with his mother Janice, who has been diagnosed with B-Cell Follicular lymphoma. His demotion allowed him to spend some precious time with his mother.

We as fans should do nothing less than be supportive of Keston in this trying time. The issues he is dealing with off the field are obviously contributing to his current performance. Anybody who has gone through a situation similar to Hiura is dealing with will tell you: the number one way to help someone through this is full-on support.

Instead, when I scroll through social media, which any fan who is a fan should know that Keston is active on, I see some horrible and selfish remarks being said about him. In all honesty, it disgusts me that some fans who sit on the sideline think they have a right to kick somebody when they are already down.

I believe that it would be entertaining to try out a little experiment. Why don’t we have some of the armchair general managers who know everything, step up to the plate in a big-league ball game, and your only task will be to hit a 95 mph fastball? Now, let’s not kid ourselves, we all know how that would turn out. Let’s imagine trying to hit that pitch while also having some of the scariest/saddest thoughts on your mind twenty-four hours a day.

What you are asking is nearly impossible. Asking someone to perform at any sort of level is simply unrealistic, and in all honesty, nobody should be expected to.

As the saying goes, “there are bigger things than baseball”. Now I am not one to advise anybody about doing a job I could not do myself, but my best advice to Keston would be to just relax and let everything fall into place. We cannot control the uncontrollable, and that is just life. What we can do is control how we spend the time that we have and do whatever it takes to make every moment count.