What Team’s Will Have A New Starting QB Next Year?

It’s pretty well known that the QB position may be the toughest job in all of sports, not only to succeed at, but to also maintain. We see great seasons from players every season, those same players will have a drop off the next year and all of sudden his job is in jeopardy.

Let’s take a look at what teams may have a new starting QB next year. In this case, some are a lot more obvious than others. Some of these teams are contenders and some are looking at a complete rebuild, however, both are facing the same problem of needing a new QB.

There are some obvious teams that we should be starting with. The New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the two most obvious contenders for a new QB and both of them will be coming out of the draft. It has been highly speculated and expected that the Jets will be taking Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson and the Jaguars will be taking Justin Fields out of Ohio State.

This all depends on if they land at the #1 and #2 spot, but at the moment it’s looking pretty likely. The Jets may not win one game all season and the Jags just lost their starting QB, so they may struggle to win one more, which means these two quarterbacks may end up on these teams.

Here are some teams that may have not known this going into the season, but they will more than likely have new QBs next year. The New England Patriots are the perfect example. Yes, they signed Cam Newton to a small one-year deal, but maybe they expected this to work more than it has been.

The Patriots may finish in the 7-9, 8-8 range this year. If they do so, look for them to either go out on the free-agent market again looking for another veteran QB, or they may try to trade up in the draft to get one of the QBs that will be going in the first round, which is something the team really doesn’t do that often.

More teams that are in a similar situation are the Colts and Falcons. Yes, the Colts are having an excellent season with Philip Rivers, but that may only be because of the offensive line they have. We saw what Rivers was like on the Chargers the year before. If they can go out and sign a younger, better QB, this team may reach heights that maybe they didn’t even expect, which is a Super Bowl trophy.

The Falcons are rebuilding the entire front office and the next step may be at the QB position. Matt Ryan hasn’t been the main issue for this team by any means, but they may look to go younger next year and try to get some new energy in the building after years of failure.

The Washington Football Team and the Chicago Bears are in similar situations as well and this could lead to a change in the offseason.

Washington has Dwayne Haskins, who was demoted to the third-string position around week 4. It’s pretty clear that head coach Ron Rivera doesn’t have a lot of faith in him, and they may be looking to sign or draft the next QB in a team that has struggled to maintain a consistent starter for years now.

The Bears may be in the worst situation of all with having to deal with both Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles. Neither one of them has shown that they deserve a starting role on this team, but for the moment, this is all they have. Look for the Bears to try and lure a veteran free agent this summer, while trying to get rid of Foles or Mitch. The remaining one will more than likely be reduced to a backup role on this team.

The Jets, Jaguars, Bears, Falcons, Washington, Patriots, and Colts could be seeing new QBs leading their team next year. Would it surprise me if more or less teams are in this situation come the summer? Absolutely not, but these teams are the likely ones at the moment. How the last 6 weeks of the regular season go and how the playoffs go will be a huge indicator of whether or not this list grows or shrinks.