What To Expect From Josh Gordon In Week Five Against The Buffalo Bills

What To Expect From Josh Gordon In Week Five Against The Buffalo Bills

It seems as though the Chiefs’ offense will keep on bolstering after some news that dropped today. Taylor Bisciotti has reported that Josh Gordon has been signed to the 53-man roster and will play Sunday night against the Buffalo Bills. This is enormous news! Now, only one question remains: what can we expect from Gordon?

That is what we will be discussing here today. Here is what we can expect from Josh Gordon in Week Five:

Where Would Josh Gordon‘s Spot On The Depth Chart Be?

I could easily see Gordon as the WR2 on the Chiefs’ offense with moving Hardman as a slot receiver; I can also see the Chiefs bumping Marcus Kemp down to the practice squad once Gordon is on the official roster. Hardman’s speed can efficiently be utilized in the slot, using his speed and acceleration as a mismatch against most defenders; that would be the best spot for him. Pringle would be the WR4 while Robinson and Fountain stay as the WR5 and WR6, respectively.

As long as Josh Gordon knows the offense, I don’t see him placed any lower. The Chiefs need a physical receiver to add an extra layer to the offense; Gordon brings that to the table. Whether it be from his route running or to his hands, his skill set is too good to stay off the field. Moreover, I feel as though the Chiefs’ offensive system could strengthen his skills even more.

How Would Josh Gordon Be Utilized?

The Chiefs’ are widely known to run a pass-heavy offense, so if Gordon is the #2 receiver, he will be utilized a lot. Of course, I can see the Chiefs using him in either the short, intermediate, or deep ends of the field with significant usage in the short and intermediate ends of it. The film I looked at is from 2019, but it still holds value as it was the last time he saw the field in a game.

Gordon can separate well against defenders with his good foot quickness and solid acceleration, along with his good hand usage/hand strength to shove defenders away from his route. He can run pretty much all routes on the route tree, but I see the chiefs’ using him as more of a short/intermediate wideout with their style offense. I have no issues with his hands as he can reel in the ball well and secure it with it tucked close to his body and his non-dominant hand over it.

Josh Gordon also has solid YAC ability with his strength, running over shorter defenders and fighting for extra yardage; he also has good YAC ability using his athletic ability with his speed, acceleration, and agility. He’s a threat that will be a challenge to defend for many DBs in the league.

What Would Josh Gordon’s Stats Look Like?

With Tre’Davious White having the highest probability to stay on Tyreek Hill the whole game, it seems as though the main CB to cover him will be Levi Wallace. Wallace has had a pretty good start to his season; he has allowed eight catches on 14 attempts (57.1% completion percentage), and one touchdown with an allowed 60.4 QB rating. While this may be true, Wallace hasn’t faced a passing attack or QB like Mahomes this year. Also, facing Gordon will be no small feat; he still has a lot of skill left in the tank.

Gordon will be the #3 option in the offense if he plays. He could put up good numbers against the Bills this week, even though that has one of the best pass defenses as I’m writing this; they are allowing 148.8 passing yards per game (first in the league). With that said, though, here is my stat prediction for Gordon:

  • Five targets
  • Four catches
  • 62 yards
  • One TD

This will be his first game back, so I’m not expecting too many targets to go his way; they will mostly go to Hill or Kelce. However, Gordon will employ his reps/targets and catch most of the passes thrown his way. I see his one TD coming from the redzone; his 6’3″, 225 lb build gives him an edge in that area and makes him a significant threat.

How do you think Josh Gordon would play in Week Five against the Buffalo Bills? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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