What’s Next For Conor McGregor?

What’s Next For Conor McGregor?

The much-anticipated trilogy of Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor took place this past Saturday night and at the moment everyone knew how big of a fight this was going to be. McGregor looked good in the first couple of minutes of the fight. He used leg kicks way more than the last night where he was just boxing the whole time, but Poirier, for my money, is the best in the division even though Charles Oliveria is the champion at the moment.

Poirier started to move forward and got McGregor with a nice leg kick. That made McGregor switch stance and Poirier kept attacking. A little bit later in the fight, McGregor and Poirier were against the cage and McGregor shoots for a guillotine that actually was pretty tight on Poirier.

Poirier, being a blackbelt, knew how to use the fence to his advantage. From there, Poirier took control on top and was hitting McGregor with some nice shots. McGregor did throw some nice elbows from the bottom.

Where does 155 go from here?

Poirier was definitely going to win the first round, but with about eight seconds left in the first round, both McGregor and Poirier missed their potential knockout shot. With that being said, after McGregor missed his shot, he landed on his back left leg and fractures his tibia and fibula.

With McGregor going down, Poirier throwing punches’ till the clock ran out. Poirier wins and will fight the current champion, Charles Oliveria. But where does this leave McGregor now, does he even wanna fight anymore?

What does McGregor do now?

McGregor is at an odd place in his career now; once he comes back from his injury, does he want to fight? Does he need to fight? For McGregor, he needs to find his why again; why do you still wanna fight? Why are you putting your body through this when he doesn’t need to get punched in the face anymore to make money?

Say what you want about McGregor, but one thing that has always impressed me about him is the fact that he doesn’t back down from anyone. He is a competitor at the end of the day. McGregor has wanted to be more active over the past couple of years, whether it has been his fault, or the UFC not wanting to waste him because fans were allowed due to the pandemic, which is something that I personally believe.

Is there a chance McGregor every comes back to normal?

Due to his injury, McGregor will be on the sideline for a while and back to being inactive. Anderson Silva was never the same after his injury. In the NBA Paul George had a similar injury happen to him as well and George has come back to having a star career still. There will always be prize fights for McGregor in the UFC and out of the UFC to be had for McGregor down the line or does he start becoming one now? It’s a fair question to ask sadly.

If there were a second round, what would have happed?

You could make the argument that if McGregor doesn’t break his leg he wins in the second round. I’ve seen a lot of people on social media saying that McGregor was still going to lose anyway. That may be true but id like to go back two months ago when Michael Candler vs Charles Oliveria. For most of the fight, Candler was beating Oliveria.

Round two happened and Oliveria ends up knocking out Chandler to become the new champion at lightweight. That is part of the fight game even when you are losing in one round that doesn’t mean you can’t win in the next round. If you are not a McGregor fan I don’t blame you for not liking McGregor inside or outside of the cage.

For the sake of the fight game, it’s sad for McGregor to go out like that breaking his leg, especially how he broke it and how close we were to watching another round. McGregor needs to really think about what he wants his legacy to be in this sport.

What prize fight does McGregor want next?

There is the Nate Diaz trilogy that can happen whenever McGregor is healthy again. People forget that when McGregor went up to welterweight he had his eyes on BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal. So that could be another option as well. The UFC wants Poirier to become champion and fight McGregor for the fourth time for the belt this time.

McGregor’s comeback fight should be against Tony Ferguson both fighters need a win and both should have fought in 2016. But McGregor took two years off from the sport. Honestly because of that he hasn’t been the same fighter since the break from MMA. No one knows what McGregor will do next with his UFC career, even his fighting career in general. McGregor needs to do some soul searching and find out what his why will be.

Maxwell Marshall

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