Who Can Stop Kenny Omega’s Run As The AEW Champion?

Who Can Stop Kenny Omega’s Run As The AEW Champion?

Kenny Omega currently holds the AEW World, Impact World, and AAA Mega Championships for All Elite Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Libre AAA. His run as “The Belt Collector” has elevated back to the pinnacle of the wrestling world, and he’s already got three major championship defenses lined up for this summer.

He’ll defend the Impact World Championship against Moose at Impact’s Against All Odds on June 12 and face Andrade at AAA’s Triplemania event on Aug. 14.

Jungle Boy:

Jungle Boy and Omega are set to square off on the June 26th episode of AEW Dynamite – and what a perfect time to start building a new star.

After winning the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing, the face of Jurassic Express will now challenge the AEW World Champion and look to gain his first title in the company. He’s been in the mix for the TNT Title and Tag Team Titles during his run in AEW so far, but Jungle Boy is yet to challenge for the top prize. And while nobody is really expecting him to take the title off Omega right now.

Adam “Hangman” Page:

Right now, the Elite are running all over AEW. Omega has the title. The Young Bucks are tag team champs. Their old friends Gallows and Anderson are running around with the Impact tag titles and even KENTA is there for his own personal reasons. There is not a group that seems poised to stand against them. And that is where the Dark Order comes into play.

With no clear rivalry to go off of for Omega right now, the rankings seem to be the right measurement here. Meaning Omega versus Page II could be sooner than anyone imagined. While many believe Page could be the man to defeat Omega down the line to win the AEW World Championship.

Eddie Kingston:

Eddie Kingston has been at Moxley’s side since Revolution, rekindling a friendship that had been broken at one time. With Moxley out of action, Kingston could be in line. He stood up to Omega and surely felt like the next challenger at one time over the last few months. Kingston seems to be focused on all of The Super Elite and Omega may be able to slide out of the way for now. One thing is for sure: Omega versus Kingston will be a money feud they can go to down the line.


Chris Jericho would be a sensible option to take the title from Kenny Omega. The two men have a major history together from New Japan, and Jericho was the first-ever AEW World Champion, proving he has all the tools for the job.
AEW is teasing Jericho being a babyface soon, therefore he would be someone that fans could easily get behind. Jericho gets people invested in everything he does, and a babyface run as champion could easily create that.

Darby Allin:

Allin is the former TNT Champion, but he is absolutely someone who AEW will be pushing to the main event position in the future. With Omega likely to have a long run with the title after waiting so long to get it, Darby could be the ideal man to take it from him.

As the perfect underdog babyface who is willing to take any risks necessary, it’s quite easy to see how he’d be the right man for the job. This is a major storyline that AEW hasn’t done yet either, which means it would be fresh and make the product even more exciting. He would also have Sting watching his back from the other members of The Elite.

Who would you like to see as the man to take the AEW Championship away from Kenny Omega? Leave your thoughts in the comments or let me know on Twitter.

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