Who Is Available For The Chiefs At Pick 31?

With about three weeks until the first day of the NFL Draft left, it is time to stop playing around. Free agency is essentially over, meaning that management only has one more opportunity to fill holes. GMs should be spending almost all of their time scouting, watching the film, and learning everything they can about every player in the draft.

Brett Veach has made some questionable decisions over the last two drafts, leading many fans to be skeptical of his ability to scout. This is even though Veach was a leading scout under the Chiefs’ previous GM, John Dorsey. As a scout was elite and is largely credited for the Chiefs deciding to trade up and draft Patrick Mahomes.

For the Chiefs, this year’s draft is so important that Brett Veach absolutely can not mess it up. The team needs are so obvious, yet extremely important, that Veach has to get this draft right.

So in order to aid Brett Veach, we are looking at players that will be available for the Chiefs at 31, and whether or not the Chiefs should draft them.

Liam Eichenberg – Offensive Tackle – Notre Dame

This is probably the most popular pick for the Chiefs across all mock drafts. Eichenberg has great size, quick feet, and a powerful upper body to hold off defenders. He did not allow a single sack in 2019 and had a dominant 2020 despite the erratic offseason and fantastic defensive lines he guarded against.

However, he has no reach. His arms are shorter than 33 inches, which is an absolute non-starter at tackles, let alone left tackle. College tackles with arms shorter than 33 inches are only successful in the NFL after moving to guard. The Chiefs’ newest guard, Joe Thuney, is one of such players.

Eichenberg makes no sense for the Chiefs because he is going to be a guard. The Chiefs have too many guards already, so Eichenberg makes no sense. The Chiefs would be better off the trade back and get Alex Leatherwood.

Jamin Davis – Linebacker – Kentucky

This is my favorite pick for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 NFL Draft unless they trade up for a good tackle. He is easily my LB2 in this draft, better than either Nick Bolton and Jeremiah Owusu. So, the possibility of him being available at 31 has me so excited.

Jamin Davis is a great linebacker with phenomenal speed. He chases down ball carriers with regularity and has a great blitzing speed. In coverage, he does a great job reading the quarterback’s eyes and getting in a position to deter the pass. His coverage can be suffocating, and he does not get outran. When the player he is covering is targeted by the QB, he makes it as hard as possible to catch the ball, using his hands to limit the player’s vision chop down the hands, and potentially even swat the ball.

Davis has some weaknesses that the Chiefs can not ignore. He does not defend against the run well, which the Chiefs need help doing. Sometimes he will have mental lapses, allowing for plays to get away from him. The biggest sleight against him is his lack of playing time since he only had one full year as a starter at Kentucky.

The Chiefs should be all about drafting Jamin Davis at 31. He could easily start as a rookie, and immediately makes the Chiefs’ defense better. After a year or two with Steve Spagnuolo and Tyrann Mathieu, Davis is going to be a star!

Kadarius Toney – Wide Receiver – Florida

This is the name I struggle putting on this list the most, only because I do not know if he will be available at 31. Terrance Marshall or Rashod Bateman could just as easily fall to 31 instead.

Kadarius Toney has magnets in his hand that attract the ball to him and keeps it in his possession. He has quick feet, which allows for explosive route running and great cuts. His exceptional balance also makes him a potential star on special teams.

However, he is undersized in the worst ways. He lacks weight, which limits his ability to go through defenders. He fails to get enough reach and power with his arms to rip through defenders jamming him with their hands. Overall, this keeps him from being a deep threat, as a strong breeze throws him off the route.

Despite our friends over at Arrowhead Live loving this pick for the Chiefs, I cringe at the idea of this pick. He is, at best, the fourth or fifth-best receiver on the roster, and that is a waste of a pick.

Jayson Oweh – EDGE – Penn State

This upcoming season is likely Frank Clark’s last season as a Chief, so it is beyond time to find new edge rushers. Jayson Oweh is one of the best players in the draft in that role.

Oweh is speedy, exploding off the line with quickness and power that is rare for someone his size. Oweh shows great instincts when out in space and shows great effort when moving laterally. An energetic player with unbelievable potential, Oweh is definitely an underrated player in this draft.

He is notably undersized, and his lack of tape does raise a red flag. However, his upsides outweigh his shortcomings and his ceiling is sky-high. With a rookie year learning from Spags and sitting behind Frank Clark with situational snaps on the line, he will come out his sophomore year and further as an exceptional pass rusher.