Who Is My Favorite Player From The Packers Draft?

So, who is my favorite player from the Packers 2021 draft? Well lets start with how I feel about the draft as a whole:

Overall it was an ok draft. I felt they could have traded down or stayed where they were at and still drafted the players they took(Myers and Rodgers). Or they took a play with limited upside(Jean-Charles) where they could have taken someone that would have provided the same or similar skill set, that was a better athlete with more upside (Rod Williams, Rachad Wildgoose, Brandin Echols, Nick Niemann, etc…).

Now, with all that being said, they are Packers, and I sincerely hope they prove me wrong. With that out of the way, let’s get onto the point of this article:

The Packers 2021 draft class(from left to right Eric Stokes, Josh Myers, Amari Rodgers, Royce Newman, TJ Slaton, Shemar Jean-Charles, Cole Van Lanen, Isaiah McDuffie, and Kylin Hill)

My favorite pick from this draft was actually the very last one; Kylin Hill, the power back out of Mississippi State. In playing style he reminds me so much of Jamaal Williams. His receiving skills are probably a little more developed coming out of college. Statistically, their numbers were similar to 60 to 67 catches, 567 yards to 631 yards.

Kylin did that in three fewer games and in only three games in 2020, he had 23 catches. If he had played the whole season, who knows how many more catches he would have had. But overall, they’re very similar players coming out of college.

Both are straight-line runners with a very little wiggle. Both are pretty powerful for being 215ish coming out, and both also have good contact balance. Also, for college running backs, they are pretty good blockers.

Hill has a chance to be a very good #2 back; that’s not usual for a seventh-round pick. He will also have two years to sit behind Jones and Dillon and learn from them. Also, because he didn’t play much as a freshman and opted out after three games as a senior, there still is a lot of tread on his tires. Hill also has a wicked stiff arm and hurdles guys like crazy.

After two years, he should move into the #2 role behind Dillon. Jones’s contract is technically a four-year deal, but it is really a two-year deal, and his cap figure goes up a lot after the first two years. It’s doubtful that the Packers would keep him at that high cap number. Plus, he will be nearing 30.

With Hill’s crazy hurdling ability he should be a candidate for some goal-line carries running dive plays, where he jumps over the offensive and defensive lines into the end zone. I think he is going to be an exciting player and eventually a fan favorite for Packers fans.

Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you guys think? Who is your favorite pick from the class?