Who Is The Best Pure Scorer In The NBA?

Kevin Durant

To me, Kevin Durant is the best pure scorer in the NBA. He’s 7 feet tall can put up from anywhere, can shoot the mid-range, and can drive to the basket. Durant is one of the most talented offensive players of all time. That is a big reason why he’s 15-20 all-time on many people’s best players of all-time list.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is number 2 for me. He is the Greatest 3pt shooter of all time this guy can put the ball in the hoop. Curry is carrying the Warriors this season and currently sits in the playoffs out in the West. Curry is an amazing offensive player and clearly the greatest shooter of all time and the second-best Point Guard in NBA history.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie is number three on my list. He’s one of the greatest ball-handler of all time and he is an elite finisher. He is also very good in the mid-range game. Kyrie however isn’t as good of a three-point shooter as Curry or Durant is. Kyrie is a very elite scorer and one of my favorites to watch in the NBA.


These are the three guys I would consider the best pure scorers. Kevin Durant is the best because he does it all at a very high level while Irving and Curry may do some things a little bit better Durant is definitely the best.

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