Who Is The Next Head Coach To Be Fired?

As the league season enters its last month, some coaches need to begin to update their resumes.

There are five to seven coaches who should be shown the door after this season, but only half of those will get the ax in reality.

I’m not talking about the apparent candidates like Adam Gase. I’m talking about Doug Marrone, Matt Nagy, Mike Zimmer, Doug Pederson, and Vic Fangio.

Matt Patricia was initially on the list but was fired by the Lions on Saturday afternoon.

Doug Marrone – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are 1-10 and going nowhere. A lot of the promising young talent has been traded, as the Jaguars are in rebuilding mode.

Marrone took over in 2016 and led the Jaguars to the AFC Championship game in 2017. Since then, the Jaguars are 12-29.

The 2021 draft will be the most crucial in Jaguar’s history. How they manage the draft will impact this franchise for years to come.

A new voice in the locker room to lead this team in 2021 is needed. The Jaguars need to make this move sooner rather than later.

Odds Marrone is fired – 50/50.

Matt Nagy – Chicago Bears.

This offense stinks for a coach who has worked with Andy Reid. Nagy was thought to be an offensive genius, but this offense has been far from imaginative. The Bears are one of the most boring teams to watch offensively in all of football.

Nagy is 25-18 as the Bears coach, including the 12-4 mark in 2018 when they were ousted early in the playoffs.

Since then, the Bears have been a mediocre team going 8-8 in 2019, and are 5-6 this season.

The Bears started 5-1 and have lost five in a row. The Bears are averaging a paltry 19.1 points per game, good for next to last in the NFL.

The playoffs are a must for Nagy to keep his job.

Odds Nagy is fired – 40/60.

Mike Zimmer – Minnesota Vikings

Zimmer has been the coach in Minnesota since 2014. Zimmer has won two NFC North division titles and has a 2-3 record in playoff games.

Zimmer is 62-44-1 as a coach in Minnesota, but the Vikings need some new leadership. Someone that will be able to take this team to the next level.

The Vikings have been up and down under Zimmer’s leadership.

2014: 7-9
2016: 8-8
2017: 13-3
2018: 8-7-1
2019: 10-6
2020: 5-6

This year the Vikings are 5-6, and the defense has taken a big step back from their level of play in 2019.

Zimmer will continue to win some games he shouldn’t win and a game that he should win. That’s who he is as a coach.

What are the odds Zimmer is fired? Zero percent.

Doug Pederson – Philadelphia Eagles

Pederson is 41-33-1 as coach of the Eagles with a Super Bowl Championship on his resume.

Take the 13-3 Super Bowl season of 2017 off the resume, and Pederson is a .500 coach.

Under his leadership, we have seen Carson Wentz take a couple of steps back in his development.

At a time in his career when he should be getting better, Wentz is regressing.

The Eagles are 3-7-1 this season, and unless they win the NFC East, there will be no playoffs. Mediocrity is the word in Philly.

Pederson has made some questionable play calls this season. His clock management has Eagles fans scratching their heads.

A coaching change in Philadelphia could benefit everyone.

Odd Pederson is fired – 20/80

Vic Fangio – Denver Broncos

After the Vance Joseph disaster in Denver where the Broncos went 22-36, the Broncos brought in Fangio to turn the franchise around, and Denver fans are still waiting.

Fangio is 11-16 in Denver’s second season, and the Broncos continue to be mediocre.

General manager John Elway is not known for his patience, and quarterback Drew Lock has not seen the progress you would like to see from a young quarterback under Fangio.

The Broncos are 4-7. Depending on how the Broncos finish the season, Denver could be looking at their third coach in four seasons when the 2021 season begins.

Odds Fangio is fired – 50/50

Two other coaches have done a poor job with their teams but most likely be back with their team in 2021, Mike McCarthy in Dallas and Anthony Lynn of the LA Chargers.

McCarthy has been awful, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is loyal as a dog, and the Cowboys could lose every game the rest of the season, and McCarthy would be back.

Dallas has to be the best coaching job in the NFL. It doesn’t matter how you perform in Dallas. Jerry Jones does not like to change coaches.

Mike McCarthy is safe.

Anthony Lynn of the Chargers may or may not be back for another season. He has done an excellent job developing Justin Herbert as the Chargers quarterback of the future.

The Chargers have lost Derwin James, Austin Ekeler, and Mike Pouncey to season-ending injuries. That is going to have an impact on your football team.

Lynn was 21-11 his first two seasons as head coach but is 8-18 the last two seasons. The Chargers are currently 3-8 on the season.

Will Lynn be back in 2021? It depends on how the Chargers finish the season.