Who Says Justin Fields Could Slide? Only The 49ers Know That

Different levels of speculation think they can change the draft order for Fields

The Pat McAfee show brought it to a new level. The Justin Fields draft pick dynamic has always been there since he left the University of Georgia. But he answered it as a Buckeye in the national championship game against Alabama.

Guest Dan Orlovsky answered McAfee’s question on why Fields has fallen, and he answered firmly and assuredly, “these are not my opinions, these are things that have been shared with me.”  Orlovsky went on to talk about the work ethic questions of Fields. Told him straight from people who are part of the decision-making processes of some of these teams.

Was he making it up that Fields was the last-guy-in, first-guy-out type of guy? Orlovsky got butchered on social media and on the mainstream media sites saying that he was lying, he is racist, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. A guy who played in the league for a considerable time and has been very involved in the league, Orlovsky can’t have real-life contacts with feedback from folks inside NFL teams.

It’s one of two things when it comes to Fields and his draft stock; It’s all crap and made of false narratives or is it legitimate the Fields has some on and off-field issues.

Most everyone knows the on-field side which is very few. On paper, Justin Fields is the #2 quarterback in this year’s draft. Only behind the surest deal since Andrew Luck and John Elway, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Fields has been the only Ohio State quarterback to play at this singular level of football, ever!

When you talk to folks deep within the Ohio State football program, the work ethic issues are “crap.” He has done everything that the school could ask for. Two straight final four appearances in the college football national championship playoff and then an appearance in the title itself.

The one thing The Ohio State University does have going for itself is the one thing that hurts Fields. Ohio State quarterbacks are winning quarterbacks with numbers behind them. The downfall is they are colossally oversold when it comes to the league.

Crystal clear (accurate) predictions of Dwayne Haskins being a tremendous disappointment as a professional. Troy Smith wasn’t even the deserving Heisman Trophy winner much less an NFL QB job. Terrelle Pryor and Cardale Jones are just two more of the other high skilled signal callers that would never make the grade in the NFL.

Some experts say there were issues at the University of Georgia where Justin started his collegiate career

“Once you get further away from the games … it’s easy to evaluate a game and say, ‘this team won, so this player must be better than this player,’” NFL analyst Domonique Foxworth said.

There’s so much more that coaches, GMs, and talent evaluators look at. From everything from height and weight to hand size to times on particular drills. Those things carry a lot of weight in different buildings. When you get further away from football and people go back and watch those games, they can find mistakes that might be missed. Dropped interceptions. Things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.

Fields are interesting because (Jake) Fromm didn’t go No. 1 overall. Sitting behind Fromm isn’t the same as (Joe) Burrow behind Dwayne Haskins, who ended up putting up 50 touchdowns in a season. That’s different. Maybe there (are) more questions. If he puts together two really good seasons, he’s already had one, maybe those things go away, but people will wonder why he didn’t beat out Jake Fromm, who wasn’t even a first-round pick.”

Ok, now we might be hearing something of substance. These are all things that teams look into that could have affected Fields.

Really smart football people see some small mechanical issues there. Media race-baiters say it’s because of the color of his skin.

Ultimately, I’ve heard so many things from different people in the league about (former Alabama quarterback) Mac Jones being the perfect fit for (San Francisco 49ers head coach) Kyle Shanahan that that might be the pick. So, I went with Mac Jones there, even though I rank Mac Jones as the fifth-best quarterback in this class — behind Trey Lance and behind Justin Fields.

Todd McShay

Now, this is more like it; reality-based football answers. Teams are spending millions and they need exactly what they are looking for. The 49ers might be looking that Mac Jones, a drop-back, prototype quarterback that fits exactly what Kyle Shanahan is looking for.

“It’s not about Fields falling or anything about his skill set. He is probably the most physically gifted quarterback in this class,” says McShay.

“The only issue when I talk to teams is that he had over 200 passes last year, 200 plus were off his first read and only seven were him sitting in the pocket going from progression one to progression two.”

“It’s time to address the elephant in the room. Racism has helped Mac Jones’ stock and hurt Justin Fields in the lead-up to the draft. Yes, it really is happening.”

And of course, there are the uneducated and clueless that do what they do best – Create havoc and false allegations all on the dashboard of the race-baiting vehicle.

We need not move forward to that “nonsense” as an inside NFL decision-maker source said to me

That source made as much sense out of all of them. In fact, it is of the simplest common-sense football terms. “We want the guy best fits our organization as a human being, as a player, as a professional. And the one we want within our scheme and who we feel will win games for us.”

Another NFL source who was part of selecting a quarterback in the last two years in the first round has said:

Four years ago Fields would have been our guy. But he wouldn’t be this year. The last couple years, we have a different type of quarterback who is perfectly our guy.

There, the truth has been told. Teams are looking for their professional football quarterback no matter what school he is from but his overall potential skillset as a professional. Not the color of his skin or that he doesn’t play well with others or he hates birthday parties, but their guy.

So where does Justin Fields fall in all of this?

He is not even in the same category as the aforementioned Ohio State quarterbacks. Fields is by far, hands down, not even close, the best quarterback the Buckeyes have ever had. He will be the best NFL quarterback Ohio State has ever produced. But falling from number two to number five has only one concern in Fields’s draft pick.

It is the money he will lose if he falls. However, no matter who he ends up with, he will be the starting quarterback. And he will have no problem making that up that lost money.

With the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, The San Francisco 49ers select, Justin Fields. Quarterback. Ohio State.