Who Should Be The Next AEW World Champion

Who Should Be The Next AEW World Champion

The end of AEW All Out saw Kenny Omega pick up the victory over Christian Cage and proclaimed himself to be unbeatable. He rightly proclaimed that “The only people who would have a chance to beat me, ever, are either not here, they’re already retired, or they are already dead”. That saw the debut of Adam Cole. He decided to align with his best friends in the Elite. But this then brought out Bryan Danielson and he helped clear the ring of The Elite.

With new faces emerging at the top of the card, who really is the favorite to become the next AEW World Champion? One thing to remember is that AEW use a rankings system. This has been a constant in their booking strategy and challengers to championship always have to have wins under their belt.

Hangman Adam Page

The hot favorite and I assume everyone’s first choice. It looked like over the summer that the Cowboy was headed to the main event of All Out. This was scraped when Page teamed with the Dark Order to face The Elite. With stipulations added on to the five on five elimination match. The main one being that it Adam Page won, he would challenge Kenny Omega. But if he lost, he would have to surrender being number one in the rankings and his shot at the championship.

After a brutal assault at the hands of The Elite on the AEW Dynamite Homecoming edition. We haven’t seen Page since. His return is expected soon, before AEW visit Page is home state of Virginia. Hangman Adam Page would be the perfect person to take down The Elite. Adam Page could be the challenger for Omega Championship at Full Gear. Perhaps we might see Hangman challenge Kenny Omega when they visit the UPS arena in New York in December on a special edition of Dynamite. Similar to last year where Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley for the championship.

Hangman is certainly a fans favorite to dethrone Omega before he left but the landscape of AEW has changed since his departure.

Jon Moxley

As mentioned above, Jon Moxley lost the AEW Championship to Kenny Omega. Last December on the Winters coming special Edition of Dynamite. The former Dean Ambrose has promised revenge on the champ after the botched main event of Revolution. Moxley is forever a fan favorite and one of Tony Khan biggest stars. Having Moxley pin Omega and become the next champion wouldn’t be such a bid decision. This would continue the story they have, which AEW can go back and fourth with. 

Jungle Boy

Out of all the young up and comers in All Elite Wrestling, Jungle Boys is the fans favorite. With each entrance his ovations from the crowd become bigger. A big moment came at Double or Nothing when he won the casino battle royal to earn a championship shot. Unfortunately Jungle Boy was unsuccessful in his attempt to dethrone Omega.

Along with Lucharsorus and Christian Cage, Jungle Boy has been a thorn in the side of The Elite. Having Jungle Boy be the one to defeat Omega would create a brand new superstar over night and push Jungle Boy as the new face of the company.

CM Punk

Talking about the face of the company. CM Punk has quickly become the most important part of Dynamite and Rampage. There’s still a certain buzz around Punk return and Tony Khan could easily capitalize on the attention Punk is getting and make him the companies top guy.

One negative with this is that Punk has spoken about his desire to work with younger guys and help them. Becoming Champion and being at the top of the card and in the main event wouldn’t sit into the narrative he has created on his return. But one match that we are highly anticipating is Omega vs Punk at some point. 

Adam Cole

Adam Cole and Kenny Omega split could create a huge divide in the The Elite. Splitting into two sides, The Young Bucks loyalty would be tested. The split could lead to a match between Adam Cole and Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship. A interesting storyline would be Don Callis turning on Omega and helping Cole win. This giving Omega the chance to turn babyface. 

Orange Cassidy

One of the biggest baby faces in the company, Orange Cassidy would be a superb choice to dethrone Kenny Omega. At All Out, whilst in the corner of Kriss Statlander, he showed new emotion. Using that emotion he could challenge Kenny Omega and he would have the crowd right behind him. 
The ovation the crowd would make when the ref counts to three would be thunderous. There was a big enough of a reaction at Double or Nothing when Cassidy had a near fall. If Freshly squeezed isn’t the one to dethrone Omega, if in future he wins the championship. It will be one of the biggest moments in All Elite Wrestling’s history. 

Looking at all the possible candidates on who could be the next AEW Champion. They have a tough follow as Omega has been a brilliant champion. 

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