Who Should Move In The WWE Draft

Who Should Move In The WWE Draft

The WWE will hold their annual draft over two nights starting this week. The first night will be on SmackDown whilst the second night will be on the following RAW. We take a look at some possible moves that could take place in the draft:

Big E to RAW

Big E has become WWE Champion recently and RAW has no official world champion. A move to Raw will fill the gap as world champion and reunite with his New Day stablemates.

Drew McIntyre to SmackDown

McIntyre has accomplished everything he possibly can on Raw. A move to SmackDown will freshen things up, not just for himself, but for the brand too. If Reigns is on a collision course for The Rock at Wrestlemania, he will need a challenger past Survivor Series. McIntyre against Reigns could be the big championship match needed at the Royal Rumble.

Asuka to SmackDown

Asuka has been on the sidelines for a while, but a return to the blue brand will be fresh. There is the obvious feud with Becky Lynch over the SmackDown Championship. Lynch relinquished her championship to Asuka 18 months ago. An obvious match between the two will be an event. We also have matches with Bianca Belair and Toni Storm to look forward to.

Carmella to RAW

Carmella has lost too many of the top female stars on SmackDown. A move to Raw will give Carmella a chance to restart. There is plenty of room on Raw for women superstars and Carmella would be an ideal fit. Plus, this gives her the chance to work on the same show as her boyfriend, Corey Graves.

Shayna Bazler to SmackDown

In the last few weeks, we have seen a return to the more brutal side of Bazler. A fresh start on SmackDown would see new challenges in Belair and Sasha Banks. Plus, it’s an opportunity for Shayna to rekindle her feud with Becky Lynch from over 18 months ago.

Cesaro to RAW

Since defeating Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania but losing to Reigns afterward. Cesaro chances of SmackDown have diminished. A move to Monday nights will see a chance for Cesaro to restart the push he received earlier this year.

Sheamus to RAW

Sheamus has simply done everything he can on Raw. There is now one new on Mondays that he could face. His loss this Monday to Damien Priest seemed to be a send-off for the Irishman. Fresh matchups on SmackDown would benefit the former WWE Champion.

Ricochet to SmackDown

Ricochet has been floundering on Raw. After a storyline with John Morrison and The Miz and some amazing matches, we haven’t seen Ricochet since. He is a performer like no other and given a real chance to shine, he could do big things for WWE.

Kevin Owens to RAW

Similar to a lot of superstars, Kevin Owens needs a change. A switch to Raw could see him reinsert himself into the Main Event scene; Babyface against Bobby Lashley would be fun. Maybe he could turn heel once again and have an excellent run of matches against the new WWE Champion Big E.

John Morrison to SmackDown

John Morrison split from The Miz not so long ago. With the partnership over, a move in the draft for John Morrison to push himself as a single star would be nice to see. Morrison can easily carry the Intercontinental Championship. Him being back in that title picture can only be a good thing.

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