Who Will Be The Surprise Team In The American League East?

The American League East represented the American League in the World Series in 2020. Now, with spring training underway. However, everyone is hopeful their team will be the surprise in their division. Let’s see who will stand out in the AL East:

Tampa Bay Rays

With the Rays leading the way last season and representing the American League in the World Series. The easy pick would be for them to lead the way again. However, with a deeper dive, one can see that a few key pieces may be missing. Now, not saying they haven’t filled in those pieces, but they may be some big shoes to fill. See them slipping a bit in the division. However, making a decent playoff run.

Even Vegas has them slipping a bit, at +368 to keep the AL Crown.

New York Yankees

The Yankees are poised to make the biggest splash in the 2021 season. However, can you call them a surprise? It seems they are ready to reign supreme every year, and they get so close only to falter in the home stretch. However, with some strategic roster moves, the feeling that the Yankees are on the verge of taking everything this year is even greater.

Vegas has them taking back the American League crown from the Rays at -190.

Toronto Blue Jays

Losing several players in the off-season but making strategic moves to fill those positions. The feeling is the Jays might be the big surprise of the AL East, finishing last season in the middle of the division and making the Wildcard. However, they look to start the season there again, with the Rays showing signs of possible faltering. The Jays may be in the best position to turn the tables on the Yankees and take the division.

Vegas puts them at +370, just below the Rays.

Boston Red Sox

From dead last in the division last season to projected next to last this season. The Red Sox seems to be making some improvements. Even in the final 10 games of last season, they went 6-4, showing some fight, but still finishing way below .500. A few key signings have been made in the off-season. However, several departures may outweigh those. If the Red Sox can continue to show that fight, they could be the biggest surprise in the American League East.

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However, Vegas has them at +2000, so the fight will have to huge. With that being said, I wouldn’t count them out just yet. Still have a feeling they will make a huge divisional splash.

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles seem like they are trying to right the ship with their off-season moves, both in and out of the club. Of Course, will any of the moves pan out? They seemed to let things slip at the end of last season, only winning three of the last 10 games and finishing well below .500 for the season. However, it doesn’t seem that any of their moves are making any splash as they start dead last in the division. Things would really need to come together for them to make any splash in the division.

Vegas has them +5600 to take the division, which is a good sign the Orioles’ woes will continue.

*stats from MBL.com

*Betting odds from sportsbettingdime.com