Why Patrick Mahomes’ Deal Is Better Than Josh Allen’s

Why Patrick Mahomes’ Deal Is Better Than Josh Allen’s

Two Super Bowl contending teams, two superstar quarterbacks, and two mega contracts. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are going to be the two highest-paid players in the NFL. With over $700 million between the two players, I would say they deserve that kind of money. At first glance, Mahomes looks to have the better deal. However, Allen will beat Mahomes money-wise in certain areas. So who has the better deal? Let’s check it out.

Josh Allen’s Deal

I don’t want to bore anyone with too much of the contract numbers so I will keep it simple. Josh Allen signed a six-year, $258 million contract to stay a Buffalo Bill a little while longer. Allen could earn up to $288 million thanks to incentives. While Allen is signed for six years compared to Mahomes ten years, Allen will be paid similarly to Mahomes.

Allen’s deal is the more traditional deal where most of his money is made in the first four years or so. Allen’s new contract has a whopping $147,381,405 possibly guaranteed. However, Allen is fully guaranteed $97,381,405 over six years. That is $34 million more than Mahomes will make guaranteed in ten years.

With Allens deal being front-loaded with money, there is less room for moving money around to maybe pay other players. Will that be an issue? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, Allen has secured the bag.

Patrick Mahomes’ Deal

A 10-year, $450 million deal for Mr. Mahomes is still making people’s heads spin that a player can sign for that big of a deal in football. It is rumored that Mahomes could make 500 million or more by the end of his deal with incentives. As I mentioned above, Allen is going to make significantly more money than Mahomes in the first couple of years. Despite such a large difference in money, the Mahomes deal is structured much differently. His deal is considered to be “back-heavy”.

Brett Veach made the Mahomes deal back heavy to be able to move money around. This is the smart way of handling a $500 million contract. Kansas City has already converted Mahomes signing bonus into more money to keep guys around longer. While Mahomes will make $45 million per year, he still is more flexible than Allens. Mahomes will make less than half of his contract in the first five years. In the last five, he will make 56 percent of the money. Like I said, his deal is back-heavy.

Final Verdict: Mahomes’ Contract Is Better

While it might seem better to make more money immediately in Josh Allen’s case, I think his deal is not better than Mahomes. Mahomes has a deal that can be dispersed to wherever the team needs. Any $500 million contract that has moving parts to benefit the whole team is clearly the better deal. Take the team-oriented deal versus a deal that simply pays the quarterback a lot of money. Yes, I know that Mahomes is also getting paid a lot of money but that money is being distributed in a much better way.

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