Why The “Field of Dreams” Was More Than A Baseball Game

Why The “Field of Dreams” Was More Than A Baseball Game

The famous quote from Field of Dreams “if you build it he will come” was on full display, and major league baseball did exactly that. They assembled what some would say was “Heaven” others know it as Dyersville, Iowa. The field that the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox played on was right down from where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed. MLB constructed an 8,000 seat stadium, and the fans showed up.

What A Baseball Game

The ball game was also played on Fox, and the views that were captured were breathtaking. The pregame festivities of Kevin Costner who plays Ray in the 1989 classic walk out of the cornfield and admires the perfect scene, and soon the two teams would appear from the corn in throwback uniforms. This was the perfect way to give a tribute to the movie.

Not only did the location, the weather, and the environment play well but so did the two teams. This was an absolute must-watch baseball game. Set aside the scene both these teams are looking to make the playoffs with the Yankees currently looking on the outside in. The Chicago White Sox would have Lance Lynn start the game, and the New York Yankees would have recently acquired starting pitcher Andrew Heaney on the bump. A piece of history was written when Chicago White Sox’s first basemen Jose Abreu hit the first-ever home run by an American League or National League player in the state of Iowa.

This homerun would put the White Sox up 1-0. The home runs would begin to fly out of the park. In the top of the 3rd New York, Yankee Aaron Judge would send his first home run of the night No.24 on the season. This would make the score 3-1 New York. In the bottom half of the 3rd inning shortstop, Tim Anderson of the White Sox would drive in outfielder Adam Engel making the score 3-2 Yankees.

The White Sox were not done scoring that inning putting up 3 more runs off of an Eloy Jimenez moonshot making the score 5-3 White Sox. It appeared the Chi Sox were running away with this game when catcher Seby Zavala homers to right field making the score 7-3 White Sox.

The Bronx Bombers were not finished and began a run starting in the top of the 6th inning. Brett Gardner would send a ball into the cornfield in right making the score 7-4 Chicago. The final inning of this game had spectators on the edge of their seats when Aaron Judge would hit his 2nd home run of the night followed by Giancarlo Stanton’s home run making the score 8-7 New York. A hard-fought battle by the Yankees to regain the lead.

The White Sox would have one more attempt to win this exuberant night of baseball. Shortstop Tim Anderson would do just that and hit a walk-off home run; which, would cap off one of the most perfect baseball events in history. The Chicago White Sox would win 9-8 on such harmonious nights.

This game represented more than just two teams slugging it out on a perfectly groomed diamond. This game brought back memories of why many fans started playing the game of baseball. As James Earl Jones says “This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again”

This quote made me relive moments in the backyard playing games with my brother. Trying to imitate current players in the game, and playing until the sun went down. Always creating scenarios eerily similar to the ending of last night’s game. A scenario in which it was the bottom of the ninth needing one run to send the opponent packing.

I always remember getting a ball and bouncing it off a wall creating those perfect ground balls. Hitting baseballs up onto roofs knowing they were never coming back. The feeling of hitting a home run was so gratifying. This game did so much more than entertain it brought back reasons why we started playing baseball. Hopefully, you all gained as much joy and excitement as I did watch this baseball game in Iowa on the Field of Dreams.

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