Why Tom Brady Is The Greatest Of All Time

We all knew it was going to happen, didn’t we? Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers dismantled the Kansas City Chiefs on their way to a victory in Super Bowl LV. A hugely impressive performance from the Buccaneers defense stifled anything that Patrick Mahomes was trying to do. Brady won his seventh Super Bowl and his fifth Super Bowl MVP, cementing his position as the Greatest Of All Time. After another loss to Brady in the playoffs is it even possible for Patrick Mahomes to surpass him and become the new Greatest Of All Time?

Can There Be Another Greatest Of All Time?

Since he entered the league in 2001 Tom Brady has shown a drive like no other. He has continued to improve in his undeniable quest for more championships. A quest that has paid off for him where it has not paid off for anyone else. Brady now has seven Super Bowl titles. That is more than any other franchise has managed. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have six. 

With his seven wins, he has two more Super Bowl wins than any other player and three more than any other quarterback. Then, with his fifth Super Bowl MVP, he has two more than any other player. Without even getting into all his accomplishments in the regular season, Brady has been a dominating force in the playoffs for three decades now.

If Mahomes has any ideas of becoming the Greatest of All Time, he has to bring in the titles; getting to the game is not enough. You have to win the biggest game in the biggest moments; a trait that Brady has mastered and one that Mahomes still has to learn.

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Killer Of Dynasties

The fact that Tom Brady has seven Super Bowls is what makes him the greatest of all time in many people’s eyes but when you look at who he beat, it really becomes clear. In 2002, when Tom Brady got to his first Super Bowl in his first season as a starter, the dominant team was the St Louis Rams. The Greatest Show on Turf as they were dubbed; Kurt Warner led his team of all-stars to a Super Bowl victory in 2000 and back to the Super Bowl in 2002. A dynasty in the making in St Louis until they face off against Tom Brady.


The young Tom Brady played his first season as a starter and then was rewarded with a Super Bowl matchup against one of the best defenses in the league. A team filled with superstars were destined to dominate for years to come. Not if Tom Brady has anything to do with it.

Brady would lead his Patriots to a win in Super Bowl XXXVI and the Greatest Show on Turf was over. Since that game, the St Louis Rams never made it to another Super Bowl and moved city. They became the Los Angeles Rams, but even a move in City wouldn’t solve the Tom Brady effect.

In 2019, the New England Patriots would play the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII; Tom Brady against the Rams once again. It took them a move and 17 years to get over what Brady did to them previously. When they got the chance to avenge the defeat of their ancestors, they yet again fell short of Tom Brady. The Killer of Dynasties spans through decades and even beats you when you try to reinvent yourself in a new city; St Louis/Los Angeles Rams are not the only ones.


In 2013 the Legion Of Boom in Seattle was born; another defense full of stars marched their way to a convincing 43-8 Super Bowl VLVII over the Denver Broncos. In the very next year, they would make it back to the Super Bowl. A dynasty in the making perhaps. Again, not if Tom Brady has anything to do with it. 

In Super Bowl XLIX, the New England Patriots would play the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle was in their second straight Super Bowl; not an easy task to accomplish, but one that great teams can do. Brady and his Patriots are happy to play teams that are on the verge of a dynasty. They seem to take pleasure in going out there and defeating these teams to show that there can only be one dynasty: the New England Patriots. 

We all know how Super Bowl XLIX ended. Tom Brady wins his fourth Super Bowl ring, ends another dynasty, and is well on his way to the accolade of Greatest Of All Time. Just like the St Louis Rams, the Seattle Seahawks have not been back to a Super Bowl. The Tom Brady effect takes another victim. 


Roll onto 2018. The Kansas City Chiefs host the AFC Championship game before losing out to the New England Patriots. In 2019, they would go one better and make it to the Super Bowl and get the win. In just his second year as a starter, Patrick Mahomes would win his first Super Bowl. A dynasty in the making.

In 2020, they would host yet another AFC Championship Game and go to another Super Bowl; only one team had ever hosted three championship games before. The Kansas City Chiefs were a dynasty in the making, and a win in Super Bowl LV would cement that. Who stood in the way? Tom Brady.

Yet again, the Tom Brady effect was in full force. Kansas City Chiefs had one of the best offenses in the league and a defense that excelled in the playoffs. Tom Brady and his Buccaneers dominated the Chiefs on their way to a resounding 31-9 win. Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, fifth Super Bowl MVP, and potentially ended yet another dynasty. 


Tom Brady’s strength is not just the fact that he has more titles than anyone else or more individual records than anyone else, it is the fact he beats the best teams whilst doing it. Yes, he has been a part of strong teams, but he is the constant. He did it for twenty years with the Patriots despite the team constantly changing around him.

Then, he moves to a new division in a news conference and leads a team with a losing mentality all the way to a Super Bowl victory. In the nine years before Tom Brady joining the Buccaneers, they had one winning season and hadn’t made it to the playoffs. 

The Buccaneers went 4-12, 7-9, 4-12, 2-14, 6-10, 9-7, 2-11, 5-11, and 7-9. Tom Brady comes along, and suddenly the Buccaneers believe that they can win. That is why Tom Brady will forever and always be considered the greatest of all time and not Patrick Mahomes.