Will The Bucks And Suns Meet Again?

Will The Bucks And Suns Meet Again?

Will they be able to do it, or will the Suns and Bucks meet again in the Finals this season? Milwaukee and Phoenix both had meteoric rises to success this past season, but it would be considered even more impressive if they can do it again.

Phoenix Suns

The biggest move for the Suns this offseason was re-signing Chris Paul to a four-year deal. Paul was instrumental in leading a young Suns squad to the big dance, and he has opted to do it again this coming season.

CP3 could have opted to join Los Angeles, but he elected to stay in Phoenix and try to run it back. The Lakers seem to be assembling a squad of veterans with the additions of Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. Paul could have been a perfect addition, but luckily for NBA fans, he did not join.

Milwaukee Bucks

Two words: Giannis Antetokounmpo. As long as the 26-year-old menace remains a Milwaukee Buck, the team will be a serious threat to take the title. Milwaukee will need to get past Brooklyn in the East, but that is not anything they have not already done.

Kyrie, KD, and James Harden will look to exact their revenge on the Bucks this season, but Giannis may likely prove to be too much yet again. With Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton still on the Bucks, it is looking promising for Milwaukee.

Until They Meet Again

So, will Milwaukee and Phoenix meet again in the Finals? I believe they will. The Lakers are the biggest threat to the Suns in the West at the moment, but I think the combination of Westbrook and Lebron will cause more problems than solutions. Also, I think the old average age of LA will cause a lot of injuries, leaving the door wide open for Phoenix.

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