Will The Pittsburgh Pirates Be Winners Again?

The Pirates will never win consistently, nor will they win a championship as long as Bob Nutting is the Pittsburgh Pirates owner.

In 2005 Kevin McClatchy owned the Pirates, and the rumors were hot that the Pirates were for sale.

Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban, Penguins owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle, and Steeler minority owner Thomas Tull all submitted bids to buy the franchise. All were told the team was not for sale.

Sometime later, McClatchy sold his interest to Bob Nutting. It’s safe to say that the Pirates’ fortunes would be a lot different if Cuban or Lemiuex had bought the team.

The Pirates have been a dumpster fire as an organization for 15 years, all under Bob Nutting’s ownership.

Yes, the Pirates were bad before Nutting took over ownership of the team around 2006. But Nutting hasn’t spent any dollars on keeping talented players in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates have either traded their talent or allowed the players to walk away in free agency.

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Seven times in the last 15 years, the Pirates have lost 90 plus games in a season. That includes a 105 loss season in 2010.

It has been 29 years since their last division title and 42 years since their last World Series title.

The Pirates have had four winning seasons under Nutting’s ownership. The team made the playoffs three consecutive seasons as a wildcard from 2013-2015.

It was shocking to read that the salary cap is 43 million dollars for the 2021 season. The Pirates’ two highest-paid players are outfielder Gregory Polanco at 11.6 million per season. Second basemen Adam Frazier will make 4.3 million this season.

Many expect Frazier will be traded before the start of the 2021 season.

The Pirates are coming off a season where they finished with a 19-41 record. That equates to a .316 win percentage. That is the fourth-lowest of all-time in Pirates history and the worst since the turn of the 20th century.

If the 2020 season had been 162 games, the Pirates would have finished with a record of 51-111.

Pittsburgh has traded Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutcheon for prospects.

In 2019 the Pirates made the worst trade in team history, sending pitcher Tyler Glasnow, outfielder Austin Meadows, and prospect Shane Baz to the Tampa Bay Rays for pitcher Chris Archer.

All Archer did was go 6-12 with an ERA close to five and missed the entire 2020 season as he recovered from surgery to relieve the symptoms of Thoracic outlet syndrome.

The Pirates declined to pick up his 11 million option for 2021. Archer has since returned to the Rays signing a one-year deal worth 6.5 million dollars.

The Pirates traded first baseman Josh Bell and pitchers Joe Musgrove and Jameson Tailon for prospects this off-season. These prospects are at least a year away and some two years away from making an impact at the big-league level.

It seems the Pirates are always in rebuilding mode.

Nutting is known around Pittsburgh as the worst owner in town and has the reputation as the cheapest owner in baseball.

His nickname is ‘Bottom line Bob” as he is more concerned about the bottom line numbers than putting a winning product on the field.

Under GM Ben Cherington, the Pirates farm system is number 16 in MLB, and it appears that Cherington is stockpiling some good young prospects.

The baseball fans in Pittsburgh deserve better. Pirate fans across the country deserve better.

As long as Bob Nutting owns the team, it will be difficult for the Pirates to be consistent winners.

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