Will The Suns Get Chris Paul A Ring Before He Retires?

Will The Suns Get Chris Paul A Ring Before He Retires?

Chris Paul is one of the most well-respected point guards in the NBA. His long tenure and ability to make every team better make him one of the more desirable veterans in the league. The only blip on the resume of Chris Paul is the lack of a championship trophy. With his career drawing to a close, the questions begins to arise. Will CP3 finally get a ring with the Suns before he retires?

Veteran Leadership

Chris Paul is the ultimate veteran leader. He has 16 years of experience under his belt already, and he clearly still has some more in the tank. Any time Paul is added to a team, their overall play increases dramatically. Whether he is there for one season or five, Paul’s effect is felt instantly.

Despite his success with a number of squads, he has never reached the pinnacle of NBA success. This season’s loss to the Bucks is the closest Paul has come to winning it all. At one point, Paul and the Suns held a 2-0 series lead, only to go on to lose the next 4.

Paul has expressed a desire to remain in Phoenix on Twitter earlier today.

Whether the Suns make any big splashes in free agency remains to be seen. However, what we do know is that Chris Paul is ready to prove that they belong.

Free Agency

Chris Paul is set to be a free agent this season, but all signs seem to point to him signing an extension with Phoenix. Should Suns fans get their wish and get another year of CP3, it would be on the front office to surround Paul with enough talent to win it all.

There is no doubt that Milwaukee is looking to run it back as well, so Phoenix needs to nail free agency and the draft. Assuming Paul re-signs with the Suns, how far can they realistically go?

What do you think? Can the Suns get Chris Paul the ring he has been searching for, or will it be more heartbreak in the desert? Let me know on Twitter @j_vlosich, and be sure to follow @BorderFuelHQ while you’re there!

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