Will Veterans Take Pay Cuts To Play With Patrick Mahomes And Ring Chase?

The short answer would be yes. We have seen it with Brady and the Patriots. Consequently, we have already seen it in Kansas City with Sammy Watkins. So it stands to reason that others will follow suit. Will veterans take pay cuts for a ring with Mahomes and the Chiefs? Let’s dive a little deeper:


Firstly, it is a given that every NFL player wants a Superbowl Championship ring. Are there some players that let their egos get in the way of that ring? For example, believing they are good enough to go to a lesser team, get paid more money, and lead that team to a Superbowl.

Instead of taking less money to play for an SB caliber team. However, if the ring is truly the end prize, almost any veteran would be willing to set their ego aside. Also, some egos may prevent the veteran from playing with Mahomes and the Chiefs. Not very often do you hear of it? But it does happen.


This shouldn’t be a factor if a ring is a goal. However, we all know how this goes; they couldn’t pass up the big payday, especially if it is a huge pay difference, tens of millions of dollars difference. That really weakens the power of chasing the ring.


Let’s face it, the Chiefs are a smaller market team, as far as the whole NFL goes. Therefore, sometimes a veteran player will choose to go to a bigger market team for the clout that goes along with a larger market. More personal marketing, jersey sales, sports cards, etc.

Plus, the Chiefs O-line is being rebuilt for this coming season, leaving some veterans to question if KC can make another SB run and if that chance is worthless money.

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Patrick Mahomes II

Not all veterans are convinced Mahomes is truly that great. He is being figured out on the playing field and if they don’t feel he can change the way he plays and adjusts for everything being thrown at him, then his chance of a repeat will be so much less. Again, not worth the less pay.


Those are some of the reasons why a veteran wouldn’t take less to sign. However, the reasons they would take less speaks for themselves. Mahomes is one of the top-rated QBs in the game. In his first three years as a starter, three AFC Champions, two Superbowl appearances, and winning an SB in his first appearance. Even with O-line trouble, the Chiefs offense is one of the top-scoring offenses in the NFL.

Andy Reid is a guaranteed Hall of Fame Head Coach. The Chiefs organization is one of the best-run organizations in the NFL, we have been told.

Finally, to come to the Chiefs and have a legitimate shot at winning a Superbowl ring. One of the best teams in the NFL. To play alongside Patrick Mahomes, one of the best young QBs in the game. Most of us would agree, taking less money for that chance would be an absolute no-brainer.