Will WWE Management Move On From The Fiend/Bray Wyatt?

Since TLC 2020, where Randy Orton burned The Fiend alive, the Fiend has been missing from live tv. Yes, he made a creepy return at Fastlane 2021 to be defeated by Orton, with a distraction by dark Alexa Bliss, at Wrestlemania 37 and has since vanished again.

The talk is Bray Wyatt is suffering from severe mental health issues, which he has had issues with in the past. This time, however, the death of his good friend Jon Huber/Brodie Lee seems to be the trigger that is sending Bray spiraling. After Huber’s death, Wyatt requested time off, and it was granted. He did agree to come back for Wrestlemania but has since been removed since he was on the following Raw.

There were even rumors during his return that it wasn’t Bray Wyatt as The Burnt Fiend, but at WM37, you could compare neck tattoos and be certain that it was Wyatt. There is also speculation that Vince McMahon may not be happy with him.

With that being said. The question is, will WWE move on from The Fiend? Only a select few superstars have returned from extended absences and stepped back in where they left off. John Cena, Roman Reigns, and most recently, Karrion Kross with NXT come to mind quickly. Albeit, Reigns came back this last time with a new gimmick and shot right back to the top. It always seemed like Cena never left. He would show back up and win a title.

The WWE has a habit of “Moving On” from superstars very quickly! The Demon Finn Balor comes to mind on that side of the coin. The first-ever Universal Champion, Finn, won the title in an epic match with Seth Rollins. Only to have to relinquish the belt the next night due to injury. When he returned, the WWE had moved on, and Balor never got his title back. Yes, he had chances, but it was never in the cards for him to Universal Champ again.

What will become of The Fiend? First off, I believe he is very underused. With a character like The Fiend, I feel it should give kids nightmares, talking horror movie stuff. We have seen glimpses of that stuff, but not near what it could be. One thing that is in The Fiend’s favor was that he was not in the title picture at the time. So, for him to step back in won’t be as difficult as with a title.

But will he just become a gimmick? Wyatt is a solid main-eventer. Not taking anything away from him, but will WWE still look at him that way upon his return?

With a fan base as strong as Wyatt’s. The WWE would be silly not to bring him back where he was. He is too good in the ring and in front of the camera to dismiss him to the low-card. I am slightly afraid that his past return and loss will make him look weaker when he returns. But, if done properly, it can be turned around pretty easily. Allowing Bliss and her darkness “Lilly” to remain on tv, looks to be the best entry point for The Fiend to return.

However, if time continues to tick away, the WWE will move on with Bliss and Lilly. I see something with Lilly becoming human or recruiting another person, teaming with Bliss winning Women’s Tag-Team Gold. With Wyatt having so many issues at this time.

Will the Bliss window be closed for The Fiend’s return? With McMahon possibly upset at Wyatt, the chances of a huge comeback are declining. Wyatt will have to step in small, prove his worth to the WWE, and show he can be relied on.

I have really enjoyed the creeping in darkness play with the Firefly Funhouse and Bray Wyatt, then giving in to the darkness with The Fiend. In my opinion, it has been some of the best stuff the WWE has put out in years. I really hope when Bray gets his mind right and can come back. That we will continue to see the same epic level performances, both in the ring and in front of the camera, that has we, as Wyatt/The Fiend fans have come to love.

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